The Best e-Learning Solutions Providers & How to Choose?

  • March 23, 2023
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e-learning played a big role during the outbreak of Covid-19, it was the only solution at hand to continue the learning process.

To choose the right e-learning solutions providers you have to be aware of the learner’s needs and how to make the learning process not just similar to traditional learning but even better.

With an understanding of the training goals, the learner’s needs, and requirements you will be able to choose the e-learning platform easily.

After you figure out the few best e-learning solutions providers for your business, you can then compare their features and costs.

Now let’s see the best e-learning solutions providers and what to consider when choosing one of them.


What is e-learning?

Best e-learning solutions providers

The letter e in e-learning stands for electronic. The term electronic learning refers to the use of electronic devices that are connected to the internet such as smartphones, tablets, and computers to deliver learning classes or training online.

To make the learning process easier. hence the learner or student can adjust the learning process at his own pace.

For instance, school teachers record the class, and then upload it to a platform like Google classroom.

The student can watch it at any time and anywhere, and if there are any questions he can easily communicate with the teacher, or leave the question in a comment and the teacher will answer it.

And what is great about Google classroom is that it can be used on phones, tablets, and computers, and it’s easy to use by anyone.


What to consider while choosing an eLearning solution provider?

Here’re some of the things to be aware of when choosing an e-learning platform:

Know your eLearning needs

There are many eLearning platforms in the market which makes it hard to choose. Therefore, you better stand on solid ground and have a strong understanding of your business needs out of the e-learning platform.

For example, you can ask yourself, what is the business goal that I want to accomplish with the help of the eLearning service? What kind of training do you want to offer your employees? What features do you need to make learning better and easier? when having answers to those questions you will have a better understanding of what you need from the eLearning solution provider.


The efficiency and effectiveness of the e-learning service.

What comes next on the list is to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the e learning solutions providers to deliver the learning strategies, will it be beneficial for your business?

Focus on the experience the e-learning solutions provider has and expertise, and does it align with your goals or not.

What do you want the training to deliver?

Do you want to deliver it with high quality and efficiency? Also, don’t focus on the number of years of experience the service has, instead focus on the type and complexity of their projects, how many time did they succeed, and so on.


Courses quality

Course quality plays a big role when choosing an e-learning provider. See if the quality of their courses meets your business requirements or not.

One of the main features of any e-learning platform is the system of the course. it’s the system that covers and manages all the learning processes. Also, the ability to chat with the instructor is important to help employees or learners understand the course better.

Therefore, having a chat feature included in the platform is essential to help both the instructor and learners to communicate and interact with each other. additionally, the ability to conduct video calls is important, as face-to-face meetings are better for understanding.

Other factors include is a testing system as it’s a way to measure learners’ performance. Having the ability to test and measure the learners’ performance is important. The training or course should be made in a way that prevents cheating, set the time frame of the test, makes every student can only take the test one time, and so on.


Ease of use

A vital factor when choosing an e-learning solution provider is to ensure the ease of use of the platform. If the platform is complex, employees or learners will have a rough time using it and in the end, they won’t continue the course. the platform should be easy to navigate and comfortable for the eyes.

Also, the e-learning platform you choose should work well with the other tools used in your company like video hosting technologies.

Additionally, the platform should work properly on different devices like laptops, PCs, tablets, and smart devices.


Provide Reporting and analytic tools

A good e-learning solution provider should include analytic tools to help keep up and monitor the employees’ or learners’ performance through reports and log data.

Also, the platform should be secure as learners will be asked for entire personal information that should only be visible to the learner and instructor only.   


Cost and quality of the e-learning service.

Another important factor to keep in mind is the cost and expenses incurred for creating a course with high quality. Identify the goals of the training, and what you want to deliver based on the budget you have.


The 5 best e-learning platforms.

Here’re some of the best e learning platforms that proved their effectiveness and efficiency over the years.


skillshare is one of the best e-learning platforms with over 35000 courses and millions of learners across the world. It includes courses in graphic design, animation, photography, videography, and more. When the learners post their assignments on the platform their colleagues can engage with them.  


iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn is a cloud-based learning management system that offers many tools to make the online learning experience better. The teacher can easily create the course, manage it, and share it with students.


Another famous website and application is edX. It’s founded by MIT and Havard in 2012. It offers many courses in almost all kinds of fields. And the learner will earn a certificate at the end of the course.



It’s one of the apps that offer many courses made by elite universities such as Stanford. And also, big businesses like IBM and Google. It was founded in 2012 by Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. However, not all the courses are free.



Another great e-learning platform for schools is Docebo, which offers many tools and solutions to enhance the online learning process. It features tools like video conferencing, social learning, blended learning, and gamification.


That’s it for today’s article, I hope you found it useful. For more information or if you have any questions visit our website Manaarah.  


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