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  • January 18, 2023
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Bite sized learning also referred to as Microlearning is a way of breaking down long content into small chunks of content to make it easier to digest.

Think of it, do you prefer to stay in a long lecture for two hours or a lecture that just takes 1 to 15 minutes tops? It can even be less than one minute sometimes. And that’s what the human brain needs right now. Due to the many sources of distractions like social media, people find it hard to concentrate for long periods of time. That’s why Bite size information is the key to solving the problem.

 Now let’s dive in more and understand everything about bit sized learning and its future.

Bite sized learning meaning.

Bite size learning is the way of breaking down learning content into small chunks of content to make it easier for learners to digest and engage with it. Nowadays with the many sources of distractions, we are surrounded with it’s becoming harder to concentrate. And when being forced to attend a lecture for 1 or 2 hours you will zone out of it. Play with your phone a bit, take it to a friend, and you will just find anything to do except focus on the lecture.

Therefore, bite sized education is the future of learning. Being provided with the information you need in let’s say a short video for example will solve all the problems. Even online courses now divide their content into small modules. Just to ensure better understanding and interaction. Then it’s followed with 5 minutes quiz. Which is also another form of Bite sized learning.

 Bite-size learning is objective-oriented learning. This means that any short video is not considered bite-sized learning. There are many forms of it, not just eLearning. For example, it could be an article or a video that has one objective to deliver.

Bite sized learning examples.

There are many examples of Bite sized learning like we said above it could be in the form of an Article or a video that serves a specific goal. Here are some examples:

YouTube tutorials.

Let’s say you are searching for specific information, for example how to crop a photo. Or searching for the spics of a mobile phone before buying it. What will you do to find the information you need? You will type in Google “how to crop a photo” and you will get many results, and simply you will choose a video that interest you.

These videos are short and objective-oriented videos that were made to deliver a piece of specific information. Which makes it a form of bite size learning. YouTube is filled with all kinds of information and educational content.

TikTok videos.

TikTok videos are short videos and range from 15 to 30 seconds. And it contains many educational contents. For example, in language learning, you will find many videos teaching the language you want to learn, giving you tips on how to learn it. Some words that you will use in daily conversations and greetings. This makes TikTok a great example of bite sized learning.

Bite-sized learning videos.

The best way to get to people is through Bite-sized learning videos. Now no one wants to watch one hour video to get the information needed. Short, meaningful videos are what is needed nowadays. Because why watch one hour video just to get a piece of information? Plus, mobile learning is the trend now, and watching long videos won’t work anymore. There are many learning videos that are right to the point and serve learners’ goals.

Are bite sized learning and microlearning the same?

No, bite sized learning and microlearning are not the same. However, they are used and referred to as the same by many people.

In general, Microlearning is a way of delivering content in small chunks ranging from 2 to 5 minutes. It focuses on the approach. While Bite-sized learning focuses on the objective and outcomes.

Microlearning is a digital form of learning and it comes in many forms like videos and articles. It may include bite sized learning. The two terms are often used interchangeably and in the end, they both serve similar goals. Which makes them very similar to each other. Hence, people treat them as if they are the same.

Is bite sized learning the future of eLearning?

Yes, bite sized learning is the future of eLearning. It provides the required information and education in small chunks of content that are easy to access and digest. And as technology keeps evolving and many sources of distractions come in the way, it’s becoming very hard to focus. And it’s also hard to memorize a big amount of information at once.

Learners search for short content that provides them with the answers they need. They no longer want to read a long article or watch a 1-hour video to gain knowledge. Also, mobile learning is the future, and watching long videos on mobiles is hard and strains the eyes. Therefore Bite-Sized learning is the future of learning.

Here are the benefits of bite sized learning.

1.     Better engagement.

Keeping learners engaged with you is difficult, especially with the many sources of distractions. And if you lost their attention forget that you can get it back. Once a person is bored, he’s bored and there’s nothing to do about it.

Here comes the benefit of bite-sized learning. It eliminates boredom by giving them the information they need right away. They don’t have to attend a long lecture instead they will get all the information they need in 15 minutes tops. This will motivate learners and engage them throughout the course. remember, all they need is short meaningful content that is right to the point.

Learners will process the information fast and easily. They will never forget it or be distracted when processing the information.

2.     Bite-sized learning solves the short attention span problem.

Human brains find it hard to concentrate on one thing for a long period of time. Humans need to rest and take a break from it, otherwise, they will forget everything and will find it hard to remember.

After 60 minutes your brain will drift away from the lecture, and you will find yourself feeling sleepy or focusing on something else. You will even find yourself staring out the window for no reason. Your brain needs to rest and that’s its way of saying so.   

Therefore, it’s important for our brains to rest or participate in activities. Which makes bite-sized learning the key to fixing the short attention span problem. Providing the learners with what they need directly without stuffing unrelated information is what they need.

3.     Enhance our memory.

When watching long videos your brain will zone out of it and you won’t remember a thing. Therefore, bite-sized learning solves the short memory problems that we face a lot these days. the content is easy to understand and digest.

Human brains are better at absorbing small chunks of information instead of big amounts of information. That’s why the information should be provided in small modules instead of providing it all in one long lecture. It will be easier to memorize, process, and remember. Which fixes the short attention span problem. And it will be integrated into long-term memory.  

It’s a good idea to put similar topics in the same group to show learners the similarity between them and won’t be distracted. Plus, they will relate the information to each other which will make it hard to forget. Grouping similar information makes it easier for students to focus, process, and remember. And they can recall the information whenever they need it without any trouble.

Enhance business outcomes and get better results.

Bite-sized learning is not just for education. It can be used in companies to deliver the required information in an easier way to process and digest. Providing the employees with the knowledge they need whenever they need it will increase their production.

Instead of watching a one-hour tutorial to recall a small piece of information, they will get right to the information they need.

That’s it for today’s article, I hope you found it useful. If you need any help or if you have any questions visit our website Manaarah.

Bite-sized learning, also known as microlearning, refers to the delivery of small, focused pieces of learning content that can be easily consumed in a short period of time. Some benefits of bite-sized learning include:

Improved retention: Because bite-sized learning focuses on small, specific pieces of information, it can be easier for learners to retain the material.

Increased accessibility: Bite-sized learning can be accessed on demand, making it convenient for learners who have busy schedules or limited time.

Greater flexibility: Bite-sized learning can be customized to meet the needs and preferences of individual learners, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

Enhanced engagement: By providing learners with a variety of engaging, interactive learning experiences, bite-sized learning can increase their motivation and engagement.

Greater scalability: Bite-sized learning can be easily scaled to meet the needs of a large number of learners, making it an effective way to deliver training to a large workforce.

Overall, bite-sized learning can be an effective way to deliver learning content in a way that is convenient, flexible, and engaging for learners.


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