The 7 Blended Learning Best Practices You Need to Use Today

  • July 15, 2023
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There are many benefits to blended learning, it’s an efficient and effective learning approach that combines the benefits of face-to-face learning and online learning, giving the learner the best of both worlds.

How to make the most out of blended learning, and what are the best practices to give the best learning experience, is what we are going to learn in this quick overview of the blended learning best practices that you probably should start using today.

7 Top Blended learning best practices.

blended learning best practices

Here are the top blended learning best practices that will help you achieve your goal:

1. Personalization.

Every one of us learns in a different way, there is no one way that will work for everyone, and that is what you should keep in mind when transforming to Blended learning. Knowing the needs of your students and creating a course that meets them is what gives the best learning experience.

By using one of the Best blended learning solutions, you will have all the tools and features you need to personalize the content to meet students’ needs. For instance, many of the blended learning LMS platforms allow you to conduct assessments and tests. To measure students understanding and performance you can use the online assessment feature.

This is one of the best practices for blended learning instruction to learn about your student’s weaknesses and strengths and adjust the content based on it.   

Make sure to check out Manaarah’s LMS platform and see how it can transform your institution.  

2. Use Flipped classroom.

One of the blended learning best practices higher education is to engage students and make them part of the learning process instead of feeling that the communication is one-sided. The one-sided teaching method makes the students bored quickly and they hate it. When using blended learning correctly the teacher can easily engage the students. 

Therefore, flipped classroom is your best choice. In the flipped classroom, students take their time to watch the recorded lecture whenever they want and then go to class and discuss what they didn’t understand with the teacher and collogue.


3. Collaborative Learning.

One of the best practices for blended learning is using collaborative learning. It encourages students to think together and share their knowledge, and opinions which helps them brainstorm and come up with new ideas and understand what they failed to understand on their own.

When students share their knowledge together it will help them understand the lesson even better and retain the knowledge for the long term.      

When can you use it in the class? You could use it before you start the lesson, to refresh their memory, or use it after the lesson to let the student apply and discuss what they learned. This blended learning strategy will encourage students to share their opinions and express themselves without any fear. This is one of the blended learning strategies that gives the best learning experience and makes learning fun.

 With Manaarah blended learning LMS, you have all the tools you need in one place.  The blended program is designed to suit your organization’s needs and requirements.

It is a premier learning management system to suit your needs.  It empowers your school or organization to provide online classes or training and an overall engaging educational experience. Provide engaging and easy-to-access classes for your learners. Read Best blended learning solutions to learn more about it.


4. Taking advantage of Data and Analytics.

One of the best practices in blended learning is taking advantage of the data you have to enhance the course content to suit students’ needs. Most blended learning platforms allow you to track and measure the student’s progress, use it to find which part students don’t understand or struggle with and enhance it.


5. Real-time feedback and tests.

One of the best practices for successful blended learning is tests and real-time feedback.  To ensure students understand it is a good idea to evaluate their performance through the use of assessments.

You could use google forms, prepare the test and send it to your students. After they solve each question, the correct answer will be shown to them to indicate whether they answered right or not.

Manaarah LMS offers you a set of tools to use and the ability to conduct quizzes and tests to evaluate your student’s progress easily instead of using other tools for assessments.

Real-time feedback and test are useful for both teachers and learners, it helps teachers learn about their students’ needs, and which part of the classroom they need to work on to make it easier and more understandable for students. Additionally, tests help students track their progress and performance to know their strengths and weaknesses and work on enhancing them.

6. Use interactive resources such as quizzes and online games.

Among the blended learning best practices are using games and conducting quizzes to keep students active and engaged. Sure, you heard about Duolingo, it is one of the most famous language apps that many users love. The app uses many features of gamification, for instance, every time you level up you get a badge, which makes learning fun. That is why many users love this app, as it teaches languages through games.

If you can use games that serve the goal of the lesson it will significantly make your lecture interactive and engaging.


7. Assignments and Revisions.

One of the best practices for use of blended learning is conducting assignments and revisions to keep students active. Because let’s face it, most students won’t study the subject unless they have a test or assignment to solve. Therefore, assignments are essential tools when it comes to blended learning.

Using the right platform or tool will make it much easier for you, instead of using external tools. The best platform is the one that offers you the ability to make assignments, quizzes, and projects. And so on.

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