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What is active learning? | Manaarah

Active learning is a method of teaching that uses different strategies to engage students in the…
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best microlearning apps

What are the best microlearning apps? | Manaarah

A famous question is, what are the best microlearning apps? And in this article, we will…
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eLearning app

How to create an eLearning app? | Manaarah

eLearning app is the new approach to learning that thrived lately, especially during the covid-19 pandemic.…
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bite sized learning

What is bite sized learning? | Manaarah

Bite sized learning also referred to as Microlearning is a way of breaking down long content…
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LMS app

What is LMS app? | Manaarah

An LMS app (learning management system) is an application or software used for eLearning and training…
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gamification apps

What is gamification apps in mobile apps? | Manaarah

What are gamification apps? And, why is it so important nowadays in the business world? That’s…
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