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an example of how video conferencing solutions help rural education

How Can Video Conferencing Solutions Help Rural Education?

With the dilemmas, we’re facing, video conferencing solutions are the key that we need now to…
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Best e-learning solutions providers

The Best e-Learning Solutions Providers & How to Choose?

e-learning played a big role during the outbreak of Covid-19, it was the only solution at…
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Best E-Learning Platforms

Revolutionize Your School with the Best E-Learning Platforms

With the technological evolution, we’re experiencing there comes the need for new ways of teaching. Therefore,…
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What is active learning? | Manaarah

Active learning is a method of teaching that uses different strategies to engage students in the…
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best microlearning apps

What are the best microlearning apps? | Manaarah

A famous question is, what are the best microlearning apps? And in this article, we will…
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eLearning app

How to create an eLearning app? | Manaarah

eLearning app is the new approach to learning that thrived lately, especially during the covid-19 pandemic.…
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