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flipped classroom

What is the flipped classroom approach? | Manaarah

Flipped classroom started in 2007; both Jonathan Bergman and Aaron Sams invented the model, as they…
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Mobile Learning

how to use Mobile Learning To Support Learning In The Flow Of Work

One of the best and most effective methods in learning is mobile learning. A great method…
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virtual training

How to engage modern learners in a virtual training session

Technology keeps evolving, and now there is what is known as virtual session training, students don’t…
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Increasing Learning benefits Using a Learning Management Platform

Increasing Learning benefits Using a Learning Management Platform

The word school and the word system go hand in hand. That is a fact. There…
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Gamification For Learning

Strategies And Examples Gamification For Learning

Whoever said learning can be fun wasn’t wrong. Technology didn’t just make our physical life easier,…
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Soft Skill Development

Soft Skill Development | Manaarah

Soft skills is a very common word in any business or education conversation. Soft Skill Development…
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