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digital transformation

What is digital transformation? | Manaarah

In this article we will understand the purpose of digital transformation and all you need to know about it, so keep reading. What…
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content management system

How to implement a content management system? | Manaarah

How to implement a content management system? content management system’s essential to work with tools that will make your work easier, so in…
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online course

How to build an online course? | Manaarah

If you are an expert in your field then you better share your expertise, so, now we will learn how to make an…
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content library

What is a content library? | Manaarah

content library meaning in simple is a container used to store different types of content to organize them and make it easier for…
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student management system

What is a student management system?

The student management system is also called the student information system. It is student management software for managing the students. Student management is…
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classroom management

Why is classroom management important? | Manaarah

Classroom management is what teachers and schools use to ensure the effectiveness of the learning process. Using different techniques to make sure that…
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flipped classroom

What is the flipped classroom approach? | Manaarah

Flipped classroom started in 2007; both Jonathan Bergman and Aaron Sams invented the model, as they both started recording their classes so that…
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Mobile Learning

how to use Mobile Learning To Support Learning In The Flow Of Work

One of the best and most effective methods in learning is mobile learning. A great method to deliver the content to the workforce…
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virtual training

How to engage modern learners in a virtual training session

Technology keeps evolving, and now there is what is known as virtual session training, students don’t have to go to a training center…
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Increasing Learning benefits Using a Learning Management Platform

Increasing Learning benefits Using a Learning Management Platform

The word school and the word system go hand in hand. That is a fact. There is no school without a system. You…
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