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Instructional Design

Tips To Start Building The Instructional Design You Always Wanted

In a range of situations, from private companies to healthcare institutions to the military, instructional designers develop instructional and performance solutions. However, in…
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A photo of a black board to show the best blended learning solutions

The Best Blended Learning Solutions in 2023 Tested

Blended learning solutions are the best choice for organizations and learners, as it offers flexibility, fewer time sessions, cost-effectiveness, and more. Traditional learning…
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Distance Learning Solutions For Online

Distance Learning Solutions For Online Platforms During COVID-19

Teaching Consultants are meant to examine and analyze the current process, Distance Learning Solutions For Online Platforms During COVID-19and advise on how to…
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open educational resources

Open Educational Resources 101: Unveiling Their Potential

In this article, we will understand the meaning of open educational resources, their different types, and how to use them. Let’s get started.…
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difference between LMS and XLP explained

What is the Difference Between LMS and LXP?

An LMS is short for learning management systems, and LXP is short for learning experience platforms, to many they may seem alike but…
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man on laptop to show what is a student information management system

What is a Student Information Management System & How to Choose

Over the past few years, there has been an uprising development in the educational sector. Many software providers come up with new software…
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an example of how video conferencing solutions help rural education

How Can Video Conferencing Solutions Help Rural Education?

With the dilemmas, we’re facing, video conferencing solutions are the key that we need now to overcome any obstacles that come in the…
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Best e-learning solutions providers

The Best e-Learning Solutions Providers & How to Choose?

e-learning played a big role during the outbreak of Covid-19, it was the only solution at hand to continue the learning process. To…
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Best E-Learning Platforms

Revolutionize Your School with the Best E-Learning Platforms

With the technological evolution, we’re experiencing there comes the need for new ways of teaching. Therefore, today we will discuss the E-Learning Platforms…
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What is active learning? | Manaarah

Active learning is a method of teaching that uses different strategies to engage students in the learning process. There are various learning activities…
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