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LMS app

What is LMS app? | Manaarah

An LMS app (learning management system) is an application or software used for eLearning and training goals and processes. It’s basically consisting of…
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gamification apps

What is gamification apps in mobile apps? | Manaarah

What are gamification apps? And, why is it so important nowadays in the business world? That’s what we will find out shortly. What…
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learning and development digital

The Impact of learning and development digital | Manaarah

Digitalization has made our lives easier, but what are the learning and development digital? Let’s find out. digital transformation in learning and development…
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rapid eLearning

What is rapid eLearning? | Manaarah

Today we will understand the meaning of rapid eLearning, how you can use it to enhance your organization, its different types, and its…
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VILT training

What is VILT training? | Manaarah

In this article, we will understand the meaning of VILT training, its main elements, and how to make it effective. What is VILT…
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Computer based training

Computer based training vs e learning | Manaarah

In this article, we will understand the difference between computer based training and E-learning, in addition to the advantages of CBT. Computer based…
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e learning app

What is e learning app? | Manaarah

Due to the covid-19, learning turned from offline education to online education, which led to the use of e learning apps. e learning…
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interactive media management

What is interactive media management? | Manaarah

Interactive media management refers to how people communicate and share information with each other. It is used to make people communicate with each…
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LMS for schools

What is an LMS for schools? | Manaarah

What is an LMS for schools? LMS is short for learning management system, Covid-19 we all saw how useful it is, whether in…
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eLearning training

How to convert classroom training to eLearning in 6 easy steps? 

Converting classroom training to eLearning is what most companies are aiming for right now, so let’s learn why they do so? And how?…
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