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  • March 14, 2022
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Classroom management is what teachers and schools use to ensure the effectiveness of the learning process. Using different techniques to make sure that students will not misbehave, and to always ensure good behavior in class.

 Classroom management definition:

Classroom management is the process of using a combination of different strategies and techniques to keep students focused, organized, and learning fast and in the right way.

When applying the management strategies correctly teachers will ensure the positive outcomes of the class. Students will stay focused and interact with class activities which will enhance their performance.

What is classroom management?

Classroom management is the process in which teachers choose the best way to run the class smoothly in the best way so that students don’t break the rules or misbehave with each other.

Classroom management is what teachers use to establish a safe and positive learning environment for the students to interact and learn.

How to be consistent in classroom management?

Here is what you can do:

  •         Prepare for your lesson:

If you want students to interact with you then you need to plan for the lesson. See how you will encourage them to interact, and how to make them focus and attract their interest.

  •         Start by telling them what they will learn in this lesson:

Before you start, show them your agenda for the lesson and don’t break the plan, do exactly what you told them you will do. Give them a break or play a game with them to regain their focus.

  •         Be a role model:

Show students how you want them to act and what is meant by good behavior, because students tend to mimic what they see.

  •         Give students a fresh start:

When a student misbehaves don’t always treat him as the bad boy who always breaks the rules giving them other chances to become better. When they do something wrong tell them that what they did is wrong and not to do it again. Let them tell you what is bothering them and ask them how you can help them.

What are classroom management strategies?

There are many classroom management techniques and a good teacher knows how to choose the most suitable one and when to apply them and how.

Now let’s see some of those techniques.

How to manage the classroom?

  •         Document rules:

On the first day of school you need to make things clear, let the students know your rules, right the rules on the board, or print them and give them to the students.

Take a time to discuss their opinion and what rules they agree on and what they don’t. After you finish discussing the rules make a final decision and adjust your documented rules according to what they agreed on. This way they will feel that they are being heard.

  •         Avoid punishing the class:

Don’t punish the whole class for something that is made by one student or a group of students, this will make them hate you and disrespect you.

What you could do is call out the student and ask him in a friendly way what is the matter or If there is something they don’t understand.

Try to understand what is bothering the kid because most of the times kids try to vent by breaking the rules. So don’t rush to punishment without understanding the problem you are facing. This way you will become closer to them and they will respect you and trust you.

How can a new teacher help classroom management?

  •         Encourage initiative:

Ask the students to prepare a presentation for the next lesson, let them explain the lesson to each other, and encourage group activities.

You could divide them into groups and make each group prepare a lesson or part of the lesson, let them go creative, and help each other. This way the knowledge they gain and what they discuss in the class will never be forgotten.

This will build team working skills and the spirit and love to help one another. Also, this will build a strong connection between the kids.

  •         Offer praise:

When a student does well, solves a problem, or answers a question correctly praise him, make him feel that what he did is amazing. This will encourage the other students to engage in the class and will build a stronger connection between you and the kids.

And the next day most of them will come prepared for the lesson so that they answer questions and be praised.

Praise students for jobs well done, as doing so improves academic and behavioral performance, according to a recent research review and study.

This is not going to improve their performance but will also reinforce their trust in themselves and enhance their self-esteem.

  •         Hold parties:

Kids love having fun, so throw a party every once and a while to show how you appreciate their hard work and efforts. This will motivate them to keep up the good work and to become even better.

  •         Prepare the lesson in an exciting way:

To keep the students interested in the lesson and not lose their concentration, an classroom management plan is to attract them at the beginning of the lesson. Tell them what they learn from this lesson and what will it benefit them, start with a funny Question.

What are good classroom management skills?

  •         Make positive letters and phone calls:

To encourage students to continue the good work you have to motivate them, one of the classroom management strategies that work is right them a letter praising their good work.

Call their parents and tell them that their kid is smart and is doing a good job at school. This will make both the parents and kids happy.

  •         Assign projects or assignments:

Projects and assignments teach students new things, they help them learn on their own and depend on themselves instead of waiting for the information to come from the teacher.

Make a list of project ideas, and let students choose what they want to discuss. This will open their minds to gain knowledge and prepare them for the future.

  •         Address inappropriate behavior quickly:

You want the students to love and trust you but at the same time, you don’t want them to disrespect you and break the rules.

When a student does something wrong call the student in a friendly way, talk to him and let him know that what he did is wrong and that he shouldn’t do that again.

How does student engagement affect classroom management?

Engaging students in the process will make them feel that they are being heard and cared about, and they will start to take responsibility for following the rules. They will understand that the rules are made for their own benefit not to bother them.

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How does classroom management affect learning?

The purpose of the classroom management system is to organize the class, help students learn, and reach their potential. Teach them to respect one another and to have faith in themselves, this will help them acquire team working skills in addition to many other soft skills that they need in the future.

Classroom management is the key to all of this, applying the right techniques and strategies will enhance the learning process and encourage them to engage in the class activities.

Strategies like praising students for their accomplishments will let them feel that they are being appreciated for their work, which will in return encourage them to study more and focus during the classes.

Also, strategies like encouraging them to interact in group and class activities will teach them how to work in teams and help them memorize the knowledge they gain faster and easier. They will share their knowledge together and help one another, and these traits are not easy to acquire on their own.

Throwing parties for their hard work will break the boredom of the daily school routine and will encourage them to study even more.

 If the teacher establishes an effective classroom where everyone respects everyone else, they will get the following results:

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