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In this article we will understand everything about cloud computing, is it secure or not, and its benefits. So, let’s get started.

What is cloud computing?

It is the process of taking advantage of data storage and online processing power instead of relying on the computer or laptop. You could think of cloud comouting as a computing service that provides storage, analytics, servers, networking, databases, and intelligence over the cloud (internet). This intern lowers the operating costs.

How secure is cloud computing?

Any data that is stored in the cloud compuing is secure and encrypted, no one can access the data without the digital key. Also, cloud computing companies tend to use backups in case anything happens to the hardware or system.

The data breaches that occur mostly happen to the companies’ computers, not the data stored in the cloud.

Is cloud computing secure or not?

Yes, cloud compoting is secure however nothing on earth is bulletproof, one of the employees or the government agency that have access to the data may misuse it. Or someone could hack the software that encrypts the data. Or you might lose the password.

So yes cloud computing is safe but like anything else it might be vulnerable to hacks and attacks.

What are the security risks of cloud computing?

Here is a list of security risks of cloud comuting.

Data Loss/ data leakage:

One of the common risks is the data loss of cloud computering. Data loss refers to the deletion or corruption of the data.

In a cloud compuing environment, data loss means that the data is in the hands of someone that is not authorized. Or if the hard disk can’t work properly, or if the software is not updated.  

Hacked Interfaces and Insecure APIs of cloud computing:

One of the major cloud computing security risks is that it depends on the internet, so protecting the interfaces and APIs that external users use is necessary.

 Data Breach:

The meaning of data breaches is that an unauthorized person can access or steal the data.  

Vendor lock-in of cloud computing:

Many organizations face this problem when transferring their services from one vendor to another. Because different vendors have different platforms which make it is difficult to move from one cloud to another.

What is data security in cloud computing?

The term data security in cloud computing refers to combining technology solutions, policies, and procedures to protect the cloud computing applications and systems, in addition to the associated data and user access.

What are the benefits of cloud computing?

We have discussed the definition of cloud compoting, and its risks, so let’s see its benefits.

1- Cost: shifting to cloud computing saves money, as we don’t have to buy hardware and software. It also decreases the expenses of running on-site datacenters, and the electricity used for power and cooling.

2- Speed: it provides vast amounts of computing resources by just clicking the mouse. This gives them flexibility and eliminates the pressure off capacity planning.

3-Global scale: it delivers the right amount of IT resources, like less computing powers or more, storage, and bandwidth whenever you need them.

4- Productivity: cloud computing takes the extra work and time-consuming tasks like hardware setup, software patching, or any time-consuming chores. Which gives them time to focus on what is really important instead of wasting their time.

5-Performance: it provides a lot of benefits including reduced network latency for applications and greater economies of scale.

6- Reliability: it provides backups in case something happened, and makes it easy to recover the data.

7-Security: it is secure, and many cloud computing companies offer a set of policies, technologies, and controls that strengthen to keep the data secure.

What techniques are recommended for securing cloud computing?

1-      Make sure the cloud system uses strong data security features.

The first thing to do is to ensure the security of the cloud compuing system, just make sure that it enquires antivirus programs, encryption controls, and other and any other features that keep the data secure. Also, the should system and servers should ensure that the data moves back and forth without the risk of being hacked, for example, a firewall could be added.  

A cloud system and its dedicated servers must also use the right security controls to see that all data moves back and forth as needed without other people being at risk of breaking into the data. A firewall may be added to a cloud server in most cases.

2-      Backups must be available:

Backups are essential in case something went wrong, so check the backup setup the cloud compuing system uses. If you can’t do it automatically, do it manually.  

 3-      Test your cloud system:

Testing the cloud system is important, you might overlook it but it makes a big difference. Check the performance of the cloud system and its security.

4-     Look for redundant storage solutions: this step means adding internal drives to store data even more than you need so that you can duplicate the data as much as you can and keep it safe from being broken or stolen.

 How to improve security in cloud computing?

Even though the data stored in the cloud is encrypted you should increase its security as much as possible.

Some people tend to encrypt before they load it to the cloud and unencrypt it when they receive it, however, this will limit what you can do with the stored data.

Use the software that encrypts the data to know when was the last time anyone made any changes to the file. This way you will easily know if someone changed anything in the file since you last uploaded it.

Make a complicated and hard password don’t make an easy one or it will be easily stolen.

Use Two-factor authentication when connecting with the cloud, this will increase the security of the cloud computing system.  

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Which is better cloud computing or cyber security?

Well, the answer depends on you, see which one you like more, but let’s take a look at the skills and requirements.

Cloud Computing skills:

  •       Cloud service platform expertise
  •       Programming languages
  •       Application programming interfaces (APIs)
  •       Database management
  •       Network management
  •       Development and operations (DevOps)
  •       Machine learning and AI
  •       Cloud security
  •       Hybrid cloud
  •       Storage
  •       Containers
  •       Data and application migration and deployment

  Cyber Security skills:

  •       Problem-Solving Skills
  •       Technical Aptitude
  •       Knowledge of Security Across Various Platforms
  •       Attention to Detail
  •       Communication Skills
  •       Fundamental Computer Forensics Skills
  •       A Desire to Learn
  •       An Understanding of Hacking

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