What is the Difference Between LMS and LXP?

  • March 29, 2023
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An LMS is short for learning management systems, and LXP is short for learning experience platforms, to many they may seem alike but aren’t.  

What is the difference between LMS and LXP? LMS is a system designed for admins to assign and track the training content easily and efficiently. While LXP is a consumer-focused platform where users can choose what they want to learn amongst many personalized contents.

That was the difference between them in short, now let’s discover more and when to use each one of them.

What is an LMS?

difference between LMS and XLP explained

An LMS or a learning management system is an online software that provides the organization or business with a set of features to help them measure the progress of the employees, and provide them the ability to apply the teaching activities effectively.

LMS learning is useful for training and online courses. LMS is an online software that helps instructors to create, deliver, track, and build outcome results. It works in both, face-to-face learning and distance learning too.

LMS provides companies with strong administrative tools to help them manage training and learning programs, track and monitor learners’ performance, and select and assign content.

the learning management system is used to deliver formal training and courses like onboarding new employees. The system focuses on tracking and compliance, it allows instructors to track and monitor the learners’ performance and progress. For example, LMS can be used to conduct training to teach employees how new software is used, or how a machine works.

The only thing that can’t be tracked by an LMS system is the outside discussions and activities that aren’t held on the platform. It focuses on tracking employee performance and creating learning content.

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Are LMSs just for organizations?

LMS is not just for organizations, it’s also for schools. It provides the school and teachers with a set of features to help them measure the students’ progress, and provide them the ability to apply the teaching activities effectively.

LMS helps schools in planning, implementing, and monitoring the learning progress of the students. It’s not just an online lecture rather the students can interact with the teacher. Also, teachers can apply the educational activities required to help students learn easily. LMS provides you with a wide range of educational tools and resources you need to make an interactive course, build activities, and share the learning materials.

Instructors can build Virtual lessons easily and they won’t have any problem adjusting the learning materials. They could choose one of the LMS lesson plans templates to help them create the lecture. Plus, LMS makes it easier for both teachers and students to communicate and have an interactive lecture. Or even build a group project and let the students work together.

Manaarah LMSs is a premier learning management system to suit your needs.  It empowers your school or organization to provide online classes or training and an overall engaging educational experience. You can provide engaging and easy-to-access classes for your learners through Manaarah LMS. We also offer a variety of learning styles to choose from.

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What is an LXP?

LXP is short for learning experience platforms that users use to reach content and learning materials through the internet. for example, the content may be accessed through videos, blogs, social media, and so on.

The platform suggests new content based on user preferences, experiences, and goals. LXP is all around the customer and focuses on the overall user experience. Unlike LMS which is used to deliver formal training and courses, LXP platforms offer content in a less formal way.

Most of the learning content provided on LXP platforms is short bits of content. For example, if the content is provided in a video form it will be around 5 to 10 minutes to make it easy to understand and more digestible.

LXP provides the learning content in various formats and makes it short and easy to understand.



What is the difference between LXP and LMS?

The difference between LXP and LMS is easy to understand. LMS focuses more on the administration side, such as how to track performance and assigning content. While an LXP is all about the customers, how to make learning easy for them and give them the best experience.

LXP and LMS don’t replace each other. LXP platforms focus on making the learning process all around the employees and focusing on their experience.

The power of the LMS system is that Learning & Development are the main features that control what the user will learn. While in LXP users have categorized and various content to choose from.


In short, the learning management system keeps a track of the learning progress within the organization. While learning experience platforms focuses on the user experience of the employees. 

To choose between LXP vs. LMS you should first identify the training requirements and the culture of the company.

As LMS focuses on tracking and monitoring the performance not the user experience. LMS is a tool the organization use to assign content and training to employees, deliver the training then monitor and track their performance.

Each one of the two systems has its own strengths and benefits for the organization.


Which system is best for an organization?

To choose between learning management system, and learning experience platforms you should first identify the training requirements and the culture of the company.

For large companies they may want to start with a pilot group first when traying a new platform and if it succeeded then expand. This makes it easier for organizations to choose the best platform that suits their requirements.

If one system succeeded with a company it doesn’t mean that it will with others. Different organizations have different requirements and needs. The company should first identify what they want, their goals and objectives then decide whether they will go with LMS or LXP.

If a company wants to track learning for compliance, then LMS system is better for them, as LXP focuses more on the user experience and how to make learning easier for them. Sometimes a company may use the two platforms to benefit from the two.


That’s it for today’s article I hope you found it useful, and for any information or if you have any questions visit our website Manaarah.



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