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  • August 16, 2022
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Due to the covid-19, learning turned from offline education to online education, which led to the use of e learning apps.

e learning apps are the apps used by students and teachers and allow them to interact with each other’s efficiently and share learning materials. All that is needed to use an e education app is a smartphone and internet connection.

How to make e learning app?

Here are some easy steps that will help you make your unique e learning application:

1-     Choose your niche.

The first thing you want to do is to come up with something unique, a new idea that hasn’t been made before. Therefore, you should make your research and find your niche.

2-     Define your targeted audience.

You can’t make an App that is suitable for all people, you need to choose your audience, is it for students or corporations? Knowing the targeted audience will help you identify the features that you need to have in your e learning app.

 3-     Make your professional team.

To create an e-learning app that will accomplish huge success you must have a professional team, yes you can make the app on your own but it will take a lot of work and time, while when working with a team everything will be done in no time. Here are the team members you need:

  •       software developers who will make the app code.
  • Designs to make a beautiful and good user experience interface.
  •       App testers test the code and ensure it’s working correctly with no bugs or errors.
  •       project manager to manage the team and the e learning app development process and ensure that all the tasks are given to the right person.
  •       Analyst to analyze and understand the market needs.

 4-     Take advantage of the trends.

Keep your eyes open to any trend that appears and see how you can use it for your own advantage. But that doesn’t mean using any trend that comes out, use the ones that only suit your goals.

 5-     Ensure that your e-learning app meets people’s needs.

We said that before you start with coding and stuff you should first define your targeted audience and their needs. Knowing what they need and providing them with it will ensure your success.

How e learning app work?

Apps for e learning allow students and teachers to effectively interact with each other through online meetings, projects, tests, submitting homework, and sharing learning materials. Just similar to being in the classroom, students can ask the teacher about what they don’t understand and the teacher will answer them.

Additionally, e learning apps provide parents with the ability to track their kid’s performance and behavior.

For example, we have the famous video conferencing software called Zoom, zoom allows people to host online meetings, and share learning materials easily. It also provides what is called breakout rooms that teachers use for projects, by dividing the students into teams and letting each team work in one of the breakout rooms to finish the task given to them.   

What are the features of e learning?

Here are some of the features that must exist in any e learning app.

The ability to have a personal account.

Providing the users with the ability to have their own account and to easily sign up for the e-learning app is important. You can also show different interfaces based on the type of audience. For example, you can prepare an interface for students and another one for teachers.

 Include Online Testing System in your e learning app.

In order for teachers to track and measure the student’s performance and understanding, they must be provided with the ability to make tests. Therefore, providing a testing system within your e-learning app is essential. You should also ensure that it doesn’t allow cheating.

What a learning app should have?

To know what to include in your app you should look at what your audience needs. Your app should ensure an easy learning process for both students and teachers. Don’t make a complicated app, simplicity is the key. Here are some features to keep in mind while creating the e-learning app:

  •       Easy interface to use that is not too complicated.
  •       Reminders to remind the user of their upcoming meetings.
  •       The ability to share learning materials in different formats, like videos and so on.
  •       Easy to download and upload the learning materials.
  •       The ability to make tests and quizzes.

Here are more features to include in your app:

Easily Communicate with each other through chat and videos.

An app that provides learners with high-quality chat and video calls is essential for eLearning applications. Instead of face-to-face meetings, people will meet through the application and they need to know that they can do that without facing any problems.

 Accomplishment Certificate.

After the learner finishes the course and takes the test, your eLearning app should allow the ability to issue certificates, to show that they have passed the test. However, you should ensure that no one gets the certificate without completing the test or taking the test.

 The e learning app should allow Rating and Evaluation.

In order for teachers to evaluate and measure the student’s performance, they should be provided with what is called an evaluation system.  

 Reminder and Notification System.

People may forget the time of the meeting therefore; it will be a good idea to add a reminder that sends notifications to people and remind them of the meeting time. Also, deadline reminders are essential for the students to remind them of their upcoming deadlines.  


Your e learning application should allow students to hand in their homework and assignments easily. While allowing the teachers to mark the homework and grade it, assign new homework, set deadlines, and so on. So, you should take your time thinking clearly about this feature and what is truly needed.

 How can students create an app?

There are tools that help the student to build their own app, and as a teacher, you should make them aware of this. Show them that there are tools created just to help them create apps easily. Here are some of the tools they can use:

1-     MIT App Inventor.

A great tool to build android apps is called MIT App Inventor, which can be used through web browsers like Chrome. This tool enables the user to download an emulator that helps them test the performance of their application.

 2-     Glide.

Glide allows the user to build an app by creating a spreadsheet in Google Sheets.

How to use e learning app

Apps for e learning allow students and teachers to effectively interact with each others through online meetings, projects, tests, submitting homework, and sharing learning materials. Just similar to being in the classroom, students can ask the teacher about what they don’t understand and the teacher will answer them.

Additionally, e-learning apps provide parents with the ability to track their kid’s performance and behavior.

For example, we have the famous video conferencing software called Zoom, zoom allows people to host online meetings, and share learning materials easily. It also provides what is called breakout rooms that teachers use for projects, by dividing the students into team and let each team work in one of the breakout rooms to finish the task given to them.   

How to make e learning app?

e education app is the future of learning therefore let’s see how to build your own eLearning App step by step:

1.     Come up with the idea and make it clear.

The essential step is to find the idea of the e learning mobile application. Make the idea clear and easy to understand, what to include in the app, and so on.

2.     Make your plan.

To make the e learning app you must work with a team. And for them to see your vision and how you want your app to be you must describe your plan, requirement, and expectations to them. Otherwise, they won’t be able to build an app that meets your requirements.

Make documentation of your goals, objectives, requirements, targeted audience required features, and so on. Only then the developer team will be able to put the plan into action and help you succeed. 

3.     Construct the product MVP.

You need to start with the MVP (minimum viable product). What is it? Think of it as the prototype of your app. It’s a way that helps you see the success of the e learning app as the building process continues. And it will be added along the way until it becomes the complete product that you want it to be.

4.     Perform competitor analysis and measure the market.

The next step is to analyze the market, find your competitors and make a competitor’s analysis. Also, audience analysis is needed. Finding out and understanding what your targeted audience need is the key to the success of your e learning app.

5.     Adjust the MVP Functions.

Depending on what the customers need modify the MVP of the app. Add or remove features depending on their feedback. It’s easier to modify the MVP than to modify the real product.

6.     UX and UI Design.

The UX design of any app or website is what decides its success or failure. If the design is too complicated and customers can’t use or navigate through it, they will simply delete the app. Therefore, it’s important to work on the design, make it simple, and easy to use, don’t put too many colors, and remember, simplicity is the key.

7.     User Testing.

User testing gives you the required feedback that will help you enhance your product. Gather a group of users and let them use the prototype. Then interview them, and make assessment research and usability reports.

8.     Development stage.

Now it’s time to start developing the real product and put the plan into action.

9.     Testing.

After developing the e learning apps, they must be tested before launching into the market to ensure it’s working properly with no bugs or faults.

10.  Maintenance.

If there were any problems they must be solved, and if there are any improvements then they must be done in this stage.

11.  Launch the app.

Now all the steps are complete and the only thing left is to launch your app.

What are the features of e learning app?

There are many features to add to the apps for e learning depending on your goals, but here are the main features to include.

1.     Signing up feature.

Students and teachers must be able to have their own accounts. Therefore, it’s important for them to be able to sign up for your e-learning app. Some of the general information to fill in includes name, age, credit card info, email address, and so on.

Learners and teachers should have different interfaces because every one of them will require different features. For example, teachers need to track the performance of the students, while students for example should have a clear schedule of the class.

2.     The system of the Course.

One of the main features of any e learning app is the system of the course. it’s the system that covers and manages all the learning processes.  

3.     Testing System.

It’s important to include a testing system as it’s a way to measure students’ performance. Make it in a way that prevents cheating, set the time frame of the test, makes every student can only take the test one time, and so on.

4.     Chat and Video Calls.

The ability to chat with the teacher is important to help students understand the course better. Therefore, it is important to add chat features to help both teachers and students communicate with each other. Also, they could use video calls, as face-to-face meetings are better for understanding.

5.     Certification System.

After each course, a student must receive a completion certificate to show that the student passed the course successfully and mastered it. Therefore, your e learning app must include a Certification System.

And ensure that the system is secure so that only the one who finishes the course and test can have a certificate.

6.     Evaluation System.

Evaluation systems are really important when making an e-learning app. It is what helps teachers to measure their student’s performance. It’s a method of setting criteria for the course rules and evaluation methods. For example, you can add the deadline section.

7.     Notification System.

Sometimes students may forget the deadline time of an assignment or test. Having a reminder will keep them on track for any changes, send them notifications via email for instance.

8.     Homework and assignment System.

One way to measure performance is through homework and assignments. Make the e learning app easy to submit and assign homework. So that neither students nor teachers have any problems dealing with it.

9.     Payment Gateways.

The payment Gateways must be secured and safe to use. 

What is E learning apps for students?

E learning Apps is an app that helps students learn anything anytime and anywhere. With only a smartphone and a good internet connection.

What is best Free E learning apps?

There are many free E learning apps out there, and here are some of the best of them.

Khan Academy.

Khan academy was founded by Sal Khan in 2008 with the goal of helping as many students as possible without paying anything. It’s a completely free e learning app that is easy and fun to use with many courses in all fields. Also, the app provides the ability to learn any language.


Another famous website and application are edX. It’s founded by MIT and Havard in 2012. It offers many courses in almost all kinds of fields. And you will earn a certificate at the end of the course.


It’s one of the apps that offers many courses that are made by elite universities such as Stanford. And also big businesses like IBM and Google. It was founded in 2012 by Andrew Ng, and Daphne Koller. However, not all the courses are free.


One of the most famous language-learning apps in the world. it teaches many languages in a fun way and it’s completely free to use. It was founded by Luis von Ahn and Severin Hacker in 2011.


Another great e learning app is Alison which offers many courses in all kinds of fields for free. It was founded by Mike Feerick in 2007.

What is the advantage of e learning app?

There are many advantages and benefits of using E learning apps for both teachers and students, some of them are:

  •       Learn anytime anywhere.
  •       no time wasted on transportation.
  •       Not expensive and some of them are free.
  •       Suitable for every learner and there’s no age limitation.
  •       Provide courses in all fields.
  •       Overcome the regional limitations.

You can learn anything from your place. As we know some courses might not be provided in a person’s country which makes it so hard to learn. Not everyone has the ability to study abroad. And e learning solved this problem.

That’s it for today’s article I hope you found it useful. For more information or if you have any questions visit our website Manaarah. 

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