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  • October 18, 2021
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What Are The Top eLearning Portals? eLearning Portals are Web portals designed to give users a resource for locating and navigating Web-based resources
that support educational endeavors, Most of these portals have a combination of free and paid courses.
Information about certification is provided on the individual course page and it differs based on the course.
Also, most of the portals are mobile-enabled, which means they have an app that students or teachers can use on their mobile phones

eLearning Portals

eLearning Portals

What Are the Educational Portals?

An education portal is a custom-designed website that offers a variety of educational services. Originally, the term portal was used to indicate a port or site with various loading and unloading activities. 

It is currently most commonly used to define a multi-function website with formal and informal parts, data retrieval and submission capabilities, customized content, and frequent linkages or connections to schooling systems or services.

Elearning portals developments should be adaptable, online elearning portals that are often independent of the learning management system. They generally provide a wide range of learning content, such as eLearning and bite-sized courses and tools.

They are generally used to support defined learning journeys or pathways and are utilized to support a wide range of learning situations, such as pre-boarding and onboarding, partner and distributor training, and even business compliance for remote and gig employees.

What Is the Purpose of Educational Websites?

When organizations begin to create distinct training programs, they frequently look for software, online tools, or web platforms to help with the distribution and tracking of this information.

Many of them are available as learning management systems (LMS) designed specifically for this purpose.

The function of an LMS in the corporate range of perspectives varies greatly depending on the business,

however, there are several constants that any firm with a learning strategy would want, including:

  • Audience segmentation: varying learning course material to various people based on their requirements, location, work position, and other factors.
  • Learning distribution: the assignment and distribution of learning content.
  • Learning to monitor: the observation and assessment of learning, what works, and what doesn’t.

An LMS may frequently satisfy these objectives rather effectively, but there are gaps in its reach, and as a result, large cohorts of viewers may be overlooked. 

Contractors, vendors, and temporary or seasonal employees, for example, are frequently denied company email accounts, severely restricting their ability to access corporate training and learning content on an LMS.

What Makes an Effective Educational Site and Portal?

What makes an effective educational site and portal will be determined by your internal needs. There are a number of solutions on the market that will support a variety of situations, therefore it is critical to evaluate what yours are. Consider the following points:

  • Is it necessary to track and monitor student behavior within the portal?
  • What is the most important thing to you? What about the shipping time? How easy is it to distribute? End-user experiences that are on-brand?
  • What will you do with your portal?
  • Is your LMS capable of meeting your needs?

With that in mind, consider the following factors while selecting a learning portal:

1- Relevant content

A learning portal is the most efficient way for today’s learners to access material that is relevant to them and their business.To keep your gateway as flexible as possible, maintain each piece of material divided and chunked into little identifiable chunks. Why? Because it makes it easy for you to develop a wide range of courses or programs.

2- High flexibility

Large or varied companies require a learning portal with enough flexibility to personalize the learning path as well as the appearance and feel of the learning environment. Because various departments have varied demands and desires, it is critical for large businesses to find a solution that allows for flexibility.

3- Discoverable content

This is one of the most difficult goals to attain. A learning portal, by definition, must make it simple to access material fast. Portals must give numerous access points to material, as well as recommendation algorithms that propose content that is relevant to learners.

An excellent method to accomplish this is to use the famous “like/dislike” option on social networking sites. By asking learners to suggest (or like) information, the content may be arranged so that it is appropriate for the learners.

4- The ability to communicate

A learning journey should not be a solitary one. While encouraging self-directed learner autonomy is vital, you should also provide chances for learners to engage with other learners and teachers.

Discussion boards, blogs, and share buttons are excellent communication tools for fostering learner-learner and learner-teacher engagement around the material.

5- The support of blended learning

A learning portal may do much more than just serve as a link to your online courses. As part of your overall learning plan, you should consider both value addition and efficiency savings.

If you use face-to-face training in conjunction with online training, you should provide ways in and out of the portal so that learners may access material online while participating in face-to-face training.

6- Supports all devices

Your gateway must be accessible and simple to use across a variety of platforms, allowing learning to begin at the desk and continue on smart devices. Select a technology that allows learners’ progress to be synchronized across different devices.

What Is an Example of Educational Sites?

Are you developing a learning portal for your organization? Check out a list of learning portals to get you inspired. 

1- Elucidat

Elucidat is built to handle material efficiently and at scale. Elucidat writers can quickly develop mobile-friendly e-learning sites, bringing digital learning directly to learners at a lower cost.

2- Microsoft Elearning Portal

Microsoft Learning Content Development System is a free eLearning software product provided by Microsoft (LCDS).

This application enables the Microsoft training and education community to develop online courses and Microsoft Silverlight Learning Snacks.

3- Sky’s Global Totara LMS

Sky’s learning site helps approximately 36,000 employees with their training.
This Totara LMS solution for customer care personnel, created by Mind Click, is an excellent example of a Totara LMS system.

4- Sky Employee Induction Portal

Some of these e-learning portal features are portal-driven solutions with high-quality content, multi-channel support, and an LMS.
There is a wide range of information to appeal to a wide and complex audience, and a leaderboard-style score system keeps learners motivated and interested.

5- Vaillant

With this effective blended learning solution, Vaillant, a 140-year-old family firm, revolutionizes its approach to training.
It integrates learning, seminars, hands-on skills, and online evaluation assistance into a Totara LMS with a single sign-on.

What Are Some Online Sources for Teachers?

Premium educational portals for teachers can be a great help. It can alter the whole experience of eLearning. So here’s a list that can benefit all the great teachers out there:


The National Science Teachers Association provides teachers with access to the NSTA magazine, books and journals, and courses on topics ranging from global warming to class safety.
Teachers can also get advice on curriculum preparation and professional development.

2- Educreations

Educreations is a fantastic resource for teaching your students how to write and edit papers. Teachers may record their voices and the displays of their iPads to create dynamic video lessons that students can access and replay whenever they choose.

It’s ideal for proofreading example papers and teaching the revision process.

3- JumpStart

JumpStart offers free online tools, particularly for elementary school teachers. Kids will never get bored while brushing up on math, social studies, science, and other subjects with their useful worksheets, teaching materials, classroom activities, educational games, and audio-visual teaching aids.

4- Teacher.org

Teacher.org provides a wide range of tools and materials developed by K-12 teachers across the United States.
Teacher.org has everything addressed, from lesson ideas categorized by grade level and subject to teacher guidelines and useful articles.
Best of all, they provide scholarship information for instructors who want to further their studies.

What Is the Difference Between an E-learning Module and A Learning Portal?

An e-learning module is a 10- to 15-minute e-learning platform with only one or two learning ideas and a mix of teaching and evaluation techniques such as video clips, guided practice, game components, and social networking.

A learning portal, on the other hand, is a portal to all of the courses, resources, and tools that aid in teaching and learning.

It is, technically, a website that serves as a repository for teaching and learning resources.
It’s a location where you keep all of your papers, podcasts, movies, and presentations, among other things.

Is Online Learning Better Than the Classroom?

The answer to this question is kind of subjective. Some students and teachers think it’s better to keep on learning online,

while others think it’s not effective since nothing beats classroom learning.

According to studies, online learning improves information retention while taking less time.
This meant that the alterations brought about by the pandemic would be permanent.
When questioned about the experience, teachers claimed it impacted the way they teach and learn.
It allows them to communicate with students more effectively and successfully through chat groups, web conferencing, voting, and file sharing.
When questioned about their experiences, high school students stated that they find it simpler to converse online.
It allows kids to learn during the school year while also allowing them to communicate with their teacher at any time.
Some students said that online learning made them less attentive in class.
They would not, however, abandon online learning for classroom issues and answers.
They believe that having a mixed learning model is the best choice.

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