Factors In Comparing Learning Management Systems

  • September 9, 2021
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Despite the fact that Learning Management Systems(LMSs) were initially launched in the late 1990s, they acquired popularity as a recent result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The popularity came with the confusion of choosing and comparing which LMS works best for your organization.

In this article, we closely observe the features and factors to consider when choosing and comparing learning management systems. Keep reading to know more. 

What Is The Main Function of The LMS System?

The LMS System

The LMS System

A Learning Management System (LMS) can be used for a variety of purposes,

including employee training and development, compliance training, and knowledge development. 

Indeed, LMSs are primarily concerned with online learning and teaching, but they also serve a variety of other functions.

This could be serving as a platform for both asynchronous and synchronous training through the LMS organization.

The learning management system development, on the other hand, attempts to ensure that all workers have the knowledge and abilities necessary to accomplish certain occupations. This is based on a set and documented quality of performance.

In the current LMS training plan, intelligent algorithms are used to provide automated course suggestions based on a user’s skill profile. They’re also used to collect meta-data from training programs to increase the accuracy of such suggestions.

What Are The Components of A Learning Management System?

To investigate the main components of an LMS, we must focus on what a functional LMS provides for the student and the learning provider. in addition, what it could be capable of achieving in an extended organizational development role.

The components of any functional system are divided into specific areas, these areas include:

  • Booking System And Event Planners

Most LMSs have a course booking and registration system as a part of the LMS data model. It allows students to book courses from the comfort of their own homes.

The LMS also has an event planner function that notifies learners when the scheduled events and classes occur. 

  • Learning Content Management System

The LMSs describes what the learning resources cover, the course content, who they are intended for,

and what developmental needs they meet.

It serves as a central source library, offering learners a comprehensive catalog of training content and other learning activities.

  • E LMS learning Management System

All-access to eLearning courses. LMSs offer a far broader choice of rich media training and learning experiences, including video-based education, online guides, games, and simulations.

  • All Learning Parties Management

This implies that it must assign trainers and students to events and track registrations, completions, and test results while managing virtual classroom-based training and e-learning.
Every part of the educational institutions; admins, students, and instructors must have their own profiles and portals.
These portals are where they access the information relevant to them while keeping the other data private.

  • Report Generation

Tools that enable the organization to collect, analyze, and report on data within the LMS substantially increase the LMS’s efficacy as a strategic planning tool.

What Are The Features of A learning management system (LMS)?

LMS as a service aims at making learning and training much easier for learners and their providers.

So, in order to make the best out of the experience, there are some features you need to look for when choosing a new LMS for your organization:

(1) Supports Different Learning Methods

Good LMS platforms should accommodate a variety of learning styles, including those used by visual learners, kinesthetic learners, auditory learners, and textual learners.
This implies that the program should be able to use videos, Audio formats, written texts, and recorded lectures.

(2) Supports The Use of Assignments

The usage of assignments should be supported by your LMSs program. This does not have to be exams or quizzes; instead, it might be surveys and votes for your team.

(3) Supports A Recording Tool

Webinars and online lectures are excellent ways to engage with your audience from the comfort of your own home.
However, some people may miss it owing to other commitments or a weak internet connection (been there, done that?).
As a result, having an LMS program that allows you to record these sessions and watch them afterward is essential.

(4) Supports Clear Learning Paths

Create learning and professional growth routes for your organization so that participants know which material to consume first.
A seven-course English program of study, for example, would result in an English proficiency certification.

(5) Supporting Reports

Good LMS software offers two types of reporting and monitoring: learner dashboards and reports targeted for organization personnel.
Dashboards for learners show them what tasks they have done and how far they have gone in their courses. They offer a comprehensive view of educational progress with completion indicators that users may use to estimate how much online course learning materials they still need to finish.
Real-time participation and event monitoring in a learning management system can help you evaluate whether your courses are helpful. Tracking can also assist you to determine whether or not staff are completing the assignments given to them.

Which of The Following Factors Must Be Considered in Choosing LMS?

When you start choosing an LMS, you’ll find tons of options and sources that you can choose from.
So, you need to know exactly which factors must be considered. In order to do this, you need to closely examine the needs and wants that you want this LMS to meet.
Requirement Analysis of Learning Management System
Requirement analysis of LMS is needed in order to make the right choice. For example,

LMS for language teaching differs from an LMS used by corporations to train employees on new skills. 

Setting an objective is the number one step. Observing these features and making sure they’re provided is your step two:


When looking for or comparing two LMSs, one of the most crucial factors to consider is privacy. Personal information such as home addresses, emails, credit card numbers, and phone numbers can be stored in a learning system. 

Make absolutely sure your learning management system contains privacy controls, secure logins, server locations, and an automated backup mechanism.


Discussion boards, chat, and FAQ areas allow course participants to interact with one another. Leaderboards, social networking, and group note-taking centers, on the other hand, boost employee involvement and accountability.
Collaboration among students may improve knowledge of the content and foster a feeling of community that makes the whole learning process a better one.

Instructional Design (ID)

A key feature to look for in a learning management system is good instructional design. It implies that the system will collaborate with you to create courses based on your criteria. When educating people with different learning styles, this feature is essential.

Are you looking for a way to improve the instructional design of your LMS? Check out consultancy services at Manaarah!

With its highly qualified team with years of experience in ID and how you can come on top with unique course design for your team.

Customer Support

Problems happen, don’t they? So, in order to make sure everything goes as planned for every member using the LMS,

you need reliable customer support. The majority of training programs need advanced scheduling and shifts in employee workdays.
That is why having assistance staff is not a luxury.

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