Strategies And Examples Gamification For Learning

  • February 1, 2022
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Whoever said learning can be fun wasn’t wrong. Technology didn’t just make our physical life easier, it revolutionized every aspect of our lives including learning. Allowing us to introduce games into education and come up with fun learning games. 

What is educational gamification?

Gamification For Learning

Gamification For Learning

Gamification For Learning

Educational Gamification or game-based learning is a method that is based on introducing a concept to someone through a game.

This means that after engaging in an interactive game a person or a student should be able to understand, recognize and explain this new concept. 

Game-based learning is definitely not an alien concept. It has been used informally for ages.

The simple game a teacher anywhere has played with students to teach them something is Game-based learning. 

Now since we have games everywhere and students are already accustomed to the concept of gamification why not introduce the heavy stuff through it? Think about complex subjects and how easy they can become if introduced through fun games. 

What is the purpose of gamification in education?

Education and learning are hardly ever about the subject itself or the material. It is about our learning capacity,

how easily we grasp this information. This is where games come in handy.

The purpose of Gamification in education is to remove a barrier. 

The barrier between how the information is introduced to us and how we are accustomed to receiving information.

This barrier is what defines the learning process.

To shift our cognitive abilities we take time, mental effort and this slows down the process.

The games are here to approach our brains in a simple, fun, non-exhaustive manner. 

Games make everything easier so why not education? 

What are the benefits of gamification in learning science?

If you answer the question how are games beneficial then you have the answer. What happens to your brain while playing a game?

According to neuroscience, while playing a game your brain is engaged and activated. 

The Hippocampus area of the brain which is responsible for recalling information is highly activated during game-based learning.

This means your brain can form a strong connection between both the activity and the content.

This enables the student to recall the information faster and easier.

5 Benefits for Gamification of Education:

  • Better connection to the content
  • Storytelling sticks to the brain more than facts
  • Playing games increases dopamine
  • Rewarding increases serotonin levels
  • Playing games reduce stress 
  • Gamification enables asynchronous learning, which is learning at your own schedule whenever you want to.

How effective is gamification in learning?

According to a study published in the International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education: 

Gamification in education increased retention by 12.23% and the overall performance by 7.03%.

This along with many other studies prove that any student has a better chance of learning while playing a game.

While this theory or method may have limitations,

the wide majority of subjects can accept gamification and can be introduced through gamified content. 

Gamified content may be developed to help students with challenges such as ADHD and other conditions. 

How is gamification used in learning?

Game-based learning is achieved through introducing or delivering information via games using game elements whether in traditional learning or e-learning.  

The first step is when you design or develop a game using game elements and make the game revolve around a certain concept. 

Then you introduce this game via the platform. It could be a website or a mobile application.

It could be a board game or card game if you decide not to involve technology. 

Gamified content is not exclusive to a certain type of technology. However, gamified content is popular in e-learning.

The majority of people and students are familiar with smartphone technology;

this is why an application or an online game would be a perfect choice. 

gamification for e-learning

If your focus is e-learning then gamification is your best option. Gamification can reduce the challenges of online or e-learning.

Gaming will save time, effort and help students understand the heavy concepts easily.

A student can play the game by themselves and not require the online presence of their teacher.

This encourages asynchronous learning. 

What are gamification elements?

Any game is composed of certain elements. In order to build a game, you have to take care of each element and use it to create the game of your choice. 

Gamification elements include but are not limited to: 

  • Rues 
  • Story
  • Objectives
  • Goals
  • Rewards

Some games possess even more elements.

The elements are used creatively to develop a unique game that’s sole purpose is to deliver the content of choice in a fun manner. 

What is gamification in education examples?

Examples include famous mobile language learning applications such as Duolingo and Lingo Kids. 

Where you can practice learning a foreign language and learning new words while playing games.

Learning via a mobile application is one of the most popular and successful approaches.

Developing your own e-learning application can help you with your class engagement numbers and the overall performance of your students. 

What are gamification strategies?

Strategies And Examples Gamification For Learning

Gamification strategies include :

  • Choosing an appealing visual element depending on your student’s age
  • Keeping an interactive storytelling approach
  • Use rewards and badges to challenge your students
  • Keeping the game as interactive as possible
  • Using touch or Virtual Reality technology
  • Developing your own unique content that is based on your research and numbers
  • Updating your games often
  • Track how engaged your students are and measure their progress
  • Developing gamified tests as well

We Can Build You A Game! 

We at Manaarah can help you build an e-learning game tailored to your curriculum.

Manaarah offers all kinds of educational solutions. We can develop courses, build learning platforms and systems. 

All you have to do is go to our website and check out our educational solutions and services. 

Whatever your establishment or business needs,

we work to solve any educational-related problems using the latest technologies including AI. 

 cater to all age levels. We develop courses and games for young children and senior students. 

 can build your online learning platform and help you track your student’s progress through our advanced techniques. 

Do you want a build an e-learning game to plan for your educational institutions? Manaarah is your place to go! Get in touch with our team and visit the website to know more about this, and many other, services that can improve your overall learning and teaching experience.

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