What Instructional Materials Are Best In An Online Class?

  • September 23, 2021
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Any educational system needs to use instructional materials in a range of situations. Whether you teach in a traditional classroom setting, blended, or totally online, you need good instructional materials that convey your message.

Keep reading to know more about the best components of instructional materials for each type and how to make it better for your students.

What are instructional materials in teaching?

instructional materials

The instructional materials definition of terms refers to the variety of resources and lesson materials available to teachers for use in the classroom.

These instructional tools are used to support learning objectives across the board.

In other words, instructional materials are the several modes and channels of communication that a classroom instructor might employ.
It’s used to clarify and define an idea during the teaching and learning process.
Every lesson that a teacher creates should have explicit learning objectives from the curriculum.
A defined, unique sequence of learning that the students will follow in order to accomplish the specified objectives will also be included.
Teachers provide learning opportunities as part of the learning sequence.
Teachers can provide more interactive, fascinating, and engaging learning experiences with the use of instructional materials.

Instructional materials include:

  • Presentations of lessons
  • Cassettes
  • podcasts
  • Visual Charts 
  • tablets
  • real objects
  • transparencies
  • Slides
  • Computers
  • graphing calculators
  • tapes 
  • films
  • filmstrips 
  • television
  • video
  • photographs
  • Lesson activities and materials that are innovative and varied based on audio courses
  • challenge cards
  • fact cards
  • display packs for home learning activities
  • grids of essential phrases

What are multimedia instructional materials?

Multimedia instructional materials are those utilized in class that includes images, videos, and interactive software.

It is a type of computer-based instruction. It employs a variety of media,
such as presentations, web-based guides, and online tutorials, to convey an instructional message.

Multimedia materials can include instructional materials for students with learning disabilities.

Some students can’t really benefit from textbooks and whiteboard instructions.
So, having a more interactive way of learning helps them a great deal.
The importance of instructional materials in teaching and learning

Instructional materials are important because they assist teachers and students in avoiding an overemphasis on recitation and rote learning, which may easily dominate a class

Resource materials provide learners with hands-on experiences.

This helps them acquire skills and concepts and work in a number of ways.
In the teaching and learning process, IM is a must-have tool. Teachers who provide resources for active learning to students learn best. According to studies,
insufficient usage or a lack of instructional resources undermines the goal of teaching.
Furthermore, it has been found that learners’ involvement and performance in the classroom are impacted by the usage of instructional materials.

the role of instructional materials in teaching and learning 

Learning becomes more engaging, practical, realistic, and attractive when instructional materials are used.
They also allow both professors and students to interact actively and successfully in class.
They allow for the growth of self-confidence and self-actualization as well as the acquisition of skills and information.

What are the criteria for selecting instructional materials?

When faced with conflicts, should be curriculum-appropriate, engage students,
balance students’ interests and other variables, be students-appropriate, and ultimately, adaptable.
When using instructional materials, two fundamental concepts should be kept in mind:

  1. instructional materials only aid in the teaching process; the instructor is the primary source of learning direction. Teachers, whether they lack experience or are highly skilled, continue to be the most significant component of the learning process.
  2. The quantity of knowledge retained by a student is directly proportional to how that material is delivered.

As a result, we can identify major types of factors that instructors reported using when selecting instructional materials:

  1. Accuracy
  2. Level of engagement
  3. Visual appeal
  4. Alignment to standards and depth of knowledge
  5. Ease of use
  6. The ability to meet student needs 

how to produce instructional materials?

Following a scan of current resources and an assessment of which instructional materials in teaching are necessary and available for unit and lesson plans, some instructional materials in teaching aids may still be required to effectively convey a lesson’s topic.

The teacher must become a materials creator and producer for these, and maybe all resources utilized in the classroom.
Many useful classroom things may be constructed using materials,
such as abandoned bottles and cans, fabric, cardboard boxes, sticks, and other similar items.

However, we recommend consulting an instructional materials expert to help you produce the proper materials that convey your teaching objectives. You don’t have to look very far, Manaarah’s team is here to help! 

Explore our learning solutions! Let our exceptional instructional designers implement what you have in mind in the most creative way possible.

What instructional materials are best in online classes?

When the requirement for remote learning arises, educators consider the online vector:
providing resources and teaching through the internet.
Offline materials and alternatives must be supplemented with digital remote learning in many locations (particularly rural ones).

remote online learning employs a variety of resources or groupings of resources.

A BLT, TBT, or individual teacher may choose these materials for various grade levels.
Whatever organization makes the decision, it should use the criteria that are most suited to identifying high-quality materials.

The following are some instructional materials in teaching that may be used to give remote learning opportunities:

  • a YouTube video of an instructor conducting a science experiment, 
  • synchronous educational session utilizing video conferencing software
  • podcasts about a historical topic
  • applications for practicing arithmetic facts
  • a learning management platform such as Moodle or Blackboard
  • A textbook PDF

What are some examples of blended learning instructional materials?

In a special education classroom, blended learning is a combination of face-to-face and online time.

Blended learning might involve anything from 20% to 80% of the course time being completed online.
Blended learning allows the teacher to extend the learning outside of the classroom.
It provides possibilities for students to engage with one another,
as well as the possibility to use a broader range of online resources and technology to improve classroom time.

Some of the most frequent instructional materials for enhancing a blended course are:

  • Videos may be found on websites such as YouTube.
  • Podcasts and conversations with subject matter experts
  • Bookmarking applications and online resource directories
  • Social groups discussions
  • Lectures and seminars on the course (flipped learning)

What do we mean by programmed instruction learning material?

programming material is a type of instructional material in teaching that is utilized in programmed teaching,
which is a research-based approach that assists learners in working successfully.
The technique is based on research work conducted by a diverse group of applied psychologists and educators.
The learning materials are in the form of a textbook, a teaching machine, or a computer.
The content is presented in a logical and verified sequence by the medium.
The text is presented in little steps or in bigger chunks. After each stage, students are asked a question to assess their understanding.
The right answer is then displayed instantly. This implies that the learner responds at all levels and receives instant feedback on the results.

How will you make instructional materials attractive to the learners?

When creating instructional material for students, keep the following in mind:

(1) Attention-grabbing

The contents should capture the students’ attention. The materials should be pleasing to the eye and ear if you’re using audiovisuals.

Creative materials always win as the students engage with them with more enthusiasm than traditional materials.

(2) relevant

The contents must be relevant to the learner’s requirements and qualities. For example,
if you’re teaching History to second graders, showing storyboards and movies would be a good approach to engage them.
Using a textbook and reading history aloud may not be appealing content.
Because younger students have a shorter attention span, content must be broken down into smaller sections.
Make sure not to overwhelm them with materials.

(3) timely

The materials must represent what is currently going on in the community. For example,
if you are teaching Health to secondary schools students, a relevant topic might be vices (or maybe COVID-19?).
Nowadays, teenage students are so engrossed in online games or hobbies that they forget to maintain a healthy routine.

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