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  • August 9, 2021
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Technology is becoming increasingly dependable in our day-to-day activities. Best Interactive Ebook Software, Whether it’s in social situations, employment, or study. Interactive ebooks are one example of this dependence in different fields.

Let’s take a closer look at interactive ebooks and how you can create one using the best interactive ebook software you can have.

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Can eBooks Be Interactive?

An ebook is a type of electronic book. It is, at its most basic, a digital representation of a book that can be read on a mobile device. Of course, there are eBooks that do not have a paper counterpart. You might say it’s a book hidden behind a screen.

So, can ebooks be interactive? Yes, ebooks can be interactive. It is feasible to enhance the interactivity of an eBook. This option expands the possibilities for an engaging learning environment and motivated students.

You can add the interactivity element to ebook content by adding a lot of touchpoints where the reader can interact, among videos, audios, links, and other interactive content.

What is an Interactive eBook?

An interactive eBook is a portable and downloadable file that contains audio, animations, quizzes, buttons, interactive questions, and polls. You may embed multimedia material in the book, like videos, photos, and audio, and utilize it on your tablet.

We can have the best of both worlds with interactive eBooks: visual tools that capture the reader’s attention, resulting in higher engagement, and excellent information that attracts and converts the lead.

eBooks have the ability to improve how readers digest their material and are a fantastic method to engage your audience, earn their trust, and increase their engagement with your business.

In a typical classroom, the instructor speaks, and the students either listen or complete worksheets. That dullness may be readily interrupted by using interactive eBooks. When using interactive eBooks, students may listen, read, view videos, and focus on interactive tasks at different times.

Interactive eBook

Interactive eBook Examples

Want to know some examples that may inspire you to choose the best interactive ebook design based on common types? Let’s take a look at some examples:

  • Image focused interactive eBook

This image-focused interactive eBook has graphics in each of the five topic parts. Using simple and beautiful animations creates an experience that stimulates subject research and adds conversion points to each segment. It is a contemporary and thoroughly engaging experience that emphasizes visuals and substance.

  • Easy interactive eBook

This eBook begins with an introductory landing page that includes clickable chapter pictures and a call to action in the top header area that directs visitors to fill out a form in order to obtain a PDF download of this piece of information.

Images, tables, accordion material, clickable short content that displays true/false quiz-style questions, external links, and shareable symbols for various social networking sites are all included in the chapters.

  • Interactive eBook with chapter ratings

In this type of ebook, visitors offer comments for each chapter, allowing modifications to the experience based on the audience’s needs and requirements, in addition to brief quizzes, disclosures, and other interactive features. Built-in calls-to-action assist you in collecting lead data along the journey.

How To Create An Interactive eBook?

Creating your own interactive ebook is not as hard as it sounds. You just have to follow the systematic procedures described below:

1- Choose the right template for the design of your interactive e-book. 

This will serve as your guide throughout the eBook course. In order to create a decent interactive ebook design and select the best interactive ebook software, you must first identify the sort of ebook you want to create.

You must also decide if you want a fixed or reflowable layout. You must do this as you start: changing your mind during the process means starting over. Let’s reflect on the features of both types.

If you’re producing comics, periodicals, or interactive ebooks for toddlers, a fixed layout is preferable. You will choose where the content and other components will appear on the page. When readers zoom in or out, it will be like looking at an image, and they will undoubtedly need scroll bars.

A reflowable layout is more common than a fixed one since it is more responsive. If you pick this option, reading on smartphones will be easier and more pleasant, especially if you’re writing a book or short story, as each user may modify the font size according to their tastes.

2- Determine the content components

Choosing your content is a difficult task. There are, however, online tools and a team of professionals available to assist you in creating your interactive eBook with Manaarah. We will assist you with creating an eBook cover, selecting interactive ebook production software, and formatting your content for eBook readers.

You may begin by writing the key text and thoroughly reviewing it, then go on to the assets, which are all visual and audio content that can be added to your interactive eBook progressively as you write it.

Then you focus on adding widgets to give the ebook interaction. Readers may interact with widgets such as games and calculators while reading eBooks. They may watch a live video or view the other websites thanks to these widgets.

3- Add a table of content

Adding a table of content will make it easier for your readers to skip to what they want to read with no confusion. The chapter titles can be linked to the pages so they don’t have to think much about it.

4- Preview and publish

Before you can declare your ebook is ready to launch, make sure to thoroughly review each aspect. eBooks may accomplish a variety of purposes, including facilitating learning, providing readers with information, and so on. 

However, most marketers utilize eBooks to create leads at the top of the funnel and then push them to the center. So don’t overlook the reviewing aspect before you publish so as not to affect that negatively.

How Do I Use Interactive eBooks?

Using interactive ebooks is as easy as using a traditional book, if not easier, because of all the widgets it has to add interactivity. To use an interactive ebook, you need to download it first or have online access to it. Then, you browse the content on your tablet, laptop, or mobile phone. 

You get to read the texts and review the pictures, and if something is underlined with a different color, it’s clickable and can take you to another external source.

Best Interactive E-Books Software

Are you wondering what is the best interactive ebook software you can use to create an outstanding one? There are several software programs available to assist you in creating eBooks from scratch, but Adobe InDesign has to be the best of the best.

Adobe InDesign may be used to produce not just eBooks, but also posters, flyers, brochures, magazines, newspapers, presentations, and novels. The UI is really straightforward to use, especially if you’re an Adobe lover, so you’ll be up and running in no time.

eBooks, of course, perform best on tablets and other touch-screen devices. That is why it is fantastic that Adobe InDesign, with the help of the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite, can publish material suited for tablet devices.

Do you want help with the whole process of creating an interactive ebook?

Contact Manaarah’s team and ask about interactive ebook services that they provide in order to give professional feedback every step of the way!

Do you want the best interactive ebook software to plan for your educational institutions? Manaarah is your place to go! Get in touch with our team and visit the website to know more about this, and many other, services that can improve your overall learning and teaching experience.

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How do interactive ebooks work for students?

Interactive student books are a subset of books that require participation and interaction by the reader, Interactive eBooks have the possibility to incorporate video and audio text, which allows students to repeatedly listen to the words they don’t understand and learn the correct pronunciation. Students can also right-click on the word and look up their synonyms or meanings in the dictionary, Participation can range from books with texture to those with special devices used to help teach children certain tools.

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