Distance Learning Solutions For Online Platforms During COVID-19

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Teaching Consultants are meant to examine and analyze the current process, Distance Learning Solutions For Online Platforms During COVID-19and advise on how to move forward and how and where to improve.

This includes observing and working with students and educators or going over the material itself classroom policies, student achievement, and much more

What Is Distance Learning Meaning?

Distance Learning Solutions

Distance Learning

Distance education, often known as distance learning, refers to the education of students who are not always physically present at school. Traditionally,

correspondence courses were used, in which the student connected with the institution by mail.

It now includes online education. Online education is often performed through video conferences that take the shape of online lectures.

Students today can watch a live stream of their teacher, interact with them, answer questions, access learning material, and submit assignments and quizzes.

A distance learning program might be entirely online, or it can be a hybrid; a blend of online and traditional classroom training.

Several additional names such as distributed learning, e-learning, m-learning, online learning, virtual classroom,

and so on are used interchangeably with distance education.

Most Common Distance Learning Tools 2022

Distance learning can’t fulfill its job without having convenient functional tools that can help in the learning process.
Whether it’s online learning platforms, online resources, or just video call software,
distance learning tools need to be utilized to benefit both students and teachers.

Online Learning Platforms For Schools

Online learning platforms are increasingly developing in order to provide schools, universities,

and other educational institutions with a premium distance learning experience. Some of these platforms include:

(1) Manaarah online education

Manaarah LMS used in online learning is a premier learning management system to suit your needs.

It empowers your school or organization to provide online classes or training and an overall engaging educational experience.
With Manaarah digital learning platform, you get to enjoy engaging and easy-to-access classes for your learners through Manaarah LMS.
Manaarah LMS offers a variety of learning styles, such as tutoring, group classes, on-demand courses, and in-person learning.
your school or organization will be able to provide the best education with ease with a wide range of features, such as:

  • Course Builder
  • Pre-Made Courses 
  • Practice Center 
  • Activity Center
  • Report Cards and Transcripts
  • Certificates 
  • Course Management
  • Student Management

(2) CenturyTech

With CenturyTech, personal learning pathways with micro-lessons are provided to overcome knowledge gaps, challenge pupils, and increase long-term memory retention. It aids with the learning of English, math, and science at the primary, secondary, and FE levels.

(3) ClassDojo

ClassDojo connects 95% of U.S. schools by engaging students, teachers, and families in one collaborative community. 

(4) Edmodo

Edmodo offers a learning network for K-12 students, teachers, and administrators. With Edmodo you get to enjoy:

  • High level of customization.
  • Accurate reports of progress.
  • BAdges are associated with good scores in assessments to encourage students to gain them.
  • Online classroom discussions.
  • A network that helps to connect students, administrators, and parents.

(5) Edraak

Edraak is a renowned Arabic language online education portal offering materials for students and teachers at all levels.

Common Distance Learning Tools For Teachers

Distance learning tools are software applications used by teachers in a digital classroom. Audio, video and digital text are all examples of this. These technologies enable learning to take place at any time and from any place via an internet connection. Some of these tools include:

(1) Google Classroom

This may be the same eLearning platform that many school districts are currently using for in-class work. Google Classroom, a free and convenient platform, allows teachers to receive, asset, and grade assignments for the entire class in less time than normal.
You and your students may quickly exchange files by utilizing the integrated technology of tools such as Gmail, Google Slides, and Google Docs, among others.

(2) Blackboard

You may test out the Learn, Collaborate, SafeAssign, and Ally features by joining up for Blackboard’s CourseSites open community.
Because of the simplified delivery, this is a top choice for instructors who wish to teach in a supportive community before moving on to a paid learning management system (LMS).

(3) Edpuzzle

Edpuzzle enables instructors to “make any video a lesson”. Use your own videos or ones from places such as YouTube and Khan Academy. Then, to make it more personalized for your students, including commentary and comprehension questions.
Learners are provided videos to watch, but there is also accountability and evaluation integrity.
View who is watching the videos and how they engage with them. The data may then be used to determine who may require more assistance.

(4) Edmodo

Edmodo is a mobile-friendly platform that connects many of the time-consuming tasks that instructors face today. Sending messages, exchanging assignments, tracking grades, and even designing quizzes can now all be done on a single user-friendly website.
Other features include the option for parents to create their own account to view what their children have been up to and to address any learning gaps, as well as the usage of hashtags.
Teachers frequently publish lessons on the site using hashtags, which other educators may use to find classroom concepts. 

(5) Socrative

Socrative is a fun and engaging assessment tool that works on a range of devices and shows you how well your students are doing.

You may also quickly create quizzes and polls for your classroom.
This application allows you to monitor classroom work to ensure that no one falls between the gaps,
whether you want quick assessments or check-ins after some time has passed.

Online Learning Resources For Students

Online learning resources are as important for students as any part of the educational process.
They should have trusted resources and tools to use by themselves or under their instructor’s supervision to enhance their learning experience. Here are some useful tools you can use as a student:

(1) IXL

IXL is an attractive and simple K-12 learning platform that allows students to practice and study Math, Science, Social Studies, Spanish, and Language Arts. the teaching methods rely mainly on assessment (questions and quizzes), and it includes diagnostic modes, suggested curriculum, and other helpful features.

(2) Quizlet

Quizlet is a free study software that uses digital flashcards to help you memorize, review, and learn new information.

One of its most useful features is the opportunity to download other users’ cards in order to save time or perhaps discover things you would not have considered.
It also has different types of quizzes (complete, match, MCQ) that can be extremely helpful for self-assessment.

(3) Academic Earth

Academic Earth was the first to compile a library of free online college courses from the world’s best universities.

Since then, the world of open education has flourished, and their curated lists of online courses are now hand-picked by a professional team to present you with the absolute finest choices by subject area.
They also make sure there is something for everyone: whether you want to learn about a new topic or grow in your current one,
they offer the magnificent world of academics to you for free.

(4) Khan Academy 

The well-known STEM student savior. Khan Academy offers online math, science, and humanities classes and exercises are all free,

as are tools for parents and instructors to assess student progress.
Courses are accessible in over 40 languages and are aligned with school curricula in more than ten countries.

(5) Udemy

With thousands of credible courses, Udemy is an excellent resource for students of all levels. No matter what you want to learn,

you’ll find a course that will meet your learning needs with a certificate of completion.

Digital Education Solutions

The world is in constant need of digital solutions concerning education.

Manaarah educational solutions have a wide variety of options that can make your educational journey a much better one.

We can help you in a variety of fields.

(1) reimagine education and digital solutions

The UNICEF addressed the issue by saying that we live in a world where digital learning technology can end poverty so we have to pay attention to it. They described the ideal reimagination of learning as follows:

“A modern education should build and accredit basic skills – reading, writing, and math – as well as skills in problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking that young people need for work, to start a business and to engage productively in their communities.”

(2) digital signage solutions for education

Every day, more schools see the value of digital signage. With digital signage, school administrators may show general notices, event schedules, and even seasonal greetings with just a few clicks.
You can use a single user-friendly web interface to manage their digital sign content from anywhere, as well as schedule all events in advance with high security and premium quality.

(3) solutions to the digital divide in education

One of the most faced problems in digital education is the digital divide.

The digital divide is present in almost any country in the world. The student may successfully use devices to learn at school with internet access, but learning at home basically depends on home internet connectivity.
To close this gap, students must be able to download the quality material on their devices to use offline.

The need for internet access must be limited by offline educational material and also a user-friendly website.

Some websites can be harder to load with a low internet connection.

With Manaarah, you don’t get to worry about any of these, and other, problems. Check out Manaraah’s services and sign up to enjoy the most premium quality with cost-effective plans!

Do you want a Distance Learning Solution to plan for your educational institutions? Manaarah is your place to go! Get in touch with our team and visit the website to know more about this, and many other, services that can improve your overall learning and teaching experience.

Manaarah has an experienced team of instructional designers who have designed and built Manaarah to help schools, universities, and companies with their learning and training programs.
Manaarah provides digital Total education solutions for schools, universities, and companies.

We develop and design coursescurriculum educationtextbookseducational games, and other educational materials for your schools. Companies count on Manaarah for comprehensive and engaging training and interactive user guide of your company.

Related Questions

How do distance learning classes work?

Distance learning works by using PCs, tablets, phones,
and the internet so that you can study from remote locations like your home or office, rather than attending a university campus.
Lectures and learning materials are sent over the internet. delivered using utilizing internet technology and programming,
which allows the student to interact with the learning materials via chat rooms, notice boards, video conferencing,
It’s a flexible solution for fitting higher education.

What is a distance learning course?

A Distance Learning Course is simply an educational course that is delivered remotely, is the education of students who may not always be physically present at a school meaning that students can complete some or all of their coursework without having to be physically present in a classroom on any campus. you study at home or work. All teaching, materials, and support are delivered online. Distance learning is far more flexible.

Are distance learning degrees recognized?

Yes, a Distance Learning Degree is Valid for Government Jobs as well as further studies also. All degrees, diplomas, and certificates, including technical education degrees and diplomas awarded through a distance-learning mode of education by universities established by the legislature.

How to succeed in distance learning?

(1) Plan your routine Set a fixed time to engage in the coursework
(2) Learn to focus
(3) Communicate with your Instructor, Take the time to ask questions, and engage instructors
(4) Explore and Familiarize Yourself with any Technology that is new to You.
(5) Create a study space, Identify a Study Space.
(6) Cultivate self-discipline Keep Your Class Schedule, Even When you are Home.
(7) Use Notifications and calendars to ensure your benchmarks and course milestones are met.
(8) choose your colleagues or project partners carefully.
(9) Take breaks

Is distance learning the same as online?

Distance learning includes no in-person interaction between teachers and students.
then provides a much lesser scope of active student participation and accountability.

Online learning will involve in-person interaction between you and your students on a regular basis.
also In its initial stages, online teaching methods were used along with regular classroom sessions.

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