how to use Mobile Learning To Support Learning In The Flow Of Work

  • February 20, 2022
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One of the best and most effective methods in learning is mobile learning. A great method to deliver the content to the workforce learners when they need it.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss the best way to use m learning in an effective way and the importance of m learning and mobile learning apps.

What is mobile learning? And, What is interactive mobile learning?

Mobile Learning

Mobile Learning

The definition of mobile learning is the use of the internet via mobile devices to learn and find learning materials that you need. And also through social interactions and online educational platforms, mobile applications for learning, mobile learning services, and mobile learning activities.

There is something we need to clarify first; m learning doesn’t only mean the use of mobile to learn. It actually means remote learning. Meaning that you can learn anywhere and anytime.

So to give it a general definition, m learning is the use of different forms of technology to learn whatever you need whenever you want.


How effective is mobile learning? And, what is the importance of mobile technology for distance learning?

The definition of mobile learning in the flow of work is adding learning as a main part of the work schedule.

In order to enhance the employee’s performance, learning should be accessible to them during work hours. How will that enhance their performance? When they gain new knowledge they will start to implement it in their work, task, and project leading to better performance and higher quality. So, mobile learning during working hours is essential to companies.

Over the years, m learning has proved to be one of the most effective and powerful methods when comparing it to others.

Mobile learning provides the learner with the ability to choose when to learn and what to learn without having any concerns regarding the place, time, and cost. Meaning that it’s a flexible method. Also, this method gives them full control over the way they want to learn.


What are the uses of mobile learning (m learning) in the workflow? And, how do you implement mobile learning?

Now we will discuss the best ways to use m learning in the workflow.

Use Short Mobile Learning Modules:

Make the mobile learning module about 2 to 6 minutes so that the training introduces different topics and makes them gain new skills. You could even divide them according to the required outcome or goal.

You have two options; the first option is to make m learning a training program. The second option is to make the learning process part of a continuous learning journey.

Short modules make it easy for the employees to learn faster, easier, and without any effort.

Provide your employees with helping tools:

You can provide some helpful tools like job aids, PDFs, memory boosters, and so on to make the learning process easier and more effective.  

Job aids are used to give simple instructions to the user on how to complete the project. While memory booster makes it easy to remember information anywhere and anytime.

Pdfs help them reach the information they need about the process, procedure, and so on. And to make it easier for your employees you can create an interactive PDF and put all the details that are useful to the employers like process details.

The pdf will represent a quick guide or reference to employees to use whenever they need it.  

Use short videos:

One effective method to engage employers in their learning process is by providing them with short videos. They can watch it anytime from any device.

To give a better learning experience make the video from three to five minutes so that they won’t get bored. It is also better for remembering the knowledge they learned and explaining different things to them.

You could include different things in the video like graphics, text animations, examples to clarify the matter, expert tips, and much more.  This method of m learning will make a complex problem easy to understand.

Use Gamification:

Learning through games is fun and helps employers to remember and revise the information they gained.

Gamification will give motivation to employees and make them eager to learn new stuff as part of the workflow.

When they take a break or want to learn something new they will be more than happy to play a game and gain more knowledge in the process.  

Why do we use mobile learning? Why are mobile learning apps the future of education?

  •         Learn Anywhere, Anytime Leading To Better Course Completion Rates.
  •         Short modules leading to Faster Learning.
  •         Improves Knowledge Retention And Information Recall.
  •         Personalization Leading to A Higher Rate Of Engagement.
  •         Availability.
  •         Responsive Design Leading To Easy Adoption and Future Proofing The Content.

How can you encourage learning in the workplace? And What is mobile learning in training and development?

Find an Align Interests:

Find the right training skill that will be valuable to the company and the employers at the same time.

m learning is of great use to any business. But motivating employees is even better,

they want to know that their progress is being seen and cared about.

Find something that will be of great use to them in the short and long term, to give them the skills they need.

This will encourage them and make them more than happy to learn, as long as they will gain something in return.

Be their role model:

To encourage them on learning via m learning then you need to do the same learn with them; show them that you are doing the same as them. This will make them engage more in the learning process and training.

Be the role model they need, seeing someone else doing something that you are required to do will make you eager to do the same.

So, this is an effective method to use.

Coaching and Mentoring:

Employers need to know that there is someone to answer their questions and help them solve the problems they face during their learning journey.

Let them know that you are there for them whenever they need help and that you care about their progress. Show them that you will be there for them to help them overcome any future issues.  

Recognize the employer’s Success:

Measuring their progress and showing them that their efforts are being seen and rewarded will encourage them to learn even more. Reward hard workers and show them how impressed you are by their achievements.

Allow Collaboration in the mobile learning process:

In order to not forget what you’ve learned the best method to use is to teach it to someone else.

So, make time for employers to meet together and explain and teach what they learned to each other.

And also to help them overcome any difficulties. This method will build up teamwork skills.  

How do you evaluate mobile learning?

  •         Analyzing the learners’ contribution on online forums:
  •         Measuring how much learners use their mobile devices:

This shows how effective the process is, increasing the time they spend learning on their devices means that the process is effective.

  •         Analyzing the quality of a text report or assignment:

Ask the employers to fill out an online report and tell their opinion in the mobile learning training and submit it.

  •         Collecting actual log data, with respect to the interactivities built within the mobile learning course.

If most of the employers open a particular section in the course this means that they find it useful to them or that it caught their interest.

This will help you measure the effectiveness of the training content and what is the best content visuals they prefer.

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