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  • April 12, 2022
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If you are an expert in your field then you better share your expertise, so, now we will learn how to make an online course if that’s what you want then you have come to the right place, let’s get started.

What does a course creator do?

You could think of the course creator as a professional/expert teacher who uses his expertise to make an online course/virtual learning materials for a specific audience. To ensure that students can access and enjoy the courses, content creators tend to use different learning management systems.

What is an online course builder?

Online course builder is the platform that the course creators use to help them make the courses easily and effectively. Examples of these platforms include: 

  •       Udemy
  •       Skillshare
  •       Teachable
  •       Podia
  •       Thinkific
  •       Kajabi
  •       LearnWorlds
  •       Mighty Networks
  •       Pathwright
  •       Xperiencify
  •       Simplero

 How do I create an online course?

Designing your first online course might seem hard but it’s not, so, how do I create a course to sell online? here is a step-by-step guide:

What is the best way to make online classes?

1- Find Your Niche

Decide your field of expertise, ask yourself the following questions:  

  •       Do I have specialized knowledge from which other people could benefit?
  •       Have I ever created content online to help people solve problems or finish tasks?
  •       Can I share my professional or personal experiences so that other people can learn from my successes and failures?
  •       Will other people express interest in my industry or profession?
  •       Do I know how to make or build something that others might like to try?
  •       Might other people enjoy exploring my hobby or vocation with me?

Now if your answer to some of these questions is yes then what are you waiting for you should start learning how to make an online course right away. By doing so you will share your knowledge and gain money.

Ask yourself, what skills do you have that most people want to learn? What are your favorite hobbies and how can you use them to build an online course? Then decide how to turn your knowledge into content.

Here are some niches that most course creators used:

  •       Photography
  •       Cooking and baking
  •       Fitness
  •       Marketing
  •       Sales
  •       Graphic design
  •       Beauty and fashion
  •       Leadership
  •       Technology
  •       Music
  •       Personal development
  •       Spirituality
  •       Finance
  •       Team building course
  •       Building design courses

2- Choose a Platform

The Course Builder or platform is the tool that you will use to make your course, some of them also provide an app-building course. The platform you choose can either help you make a great course or fail. Therefore, before you decide which one to choose think carefully.

Look for the platform that offers the following features:

Diverse design options: if the quality of the course design is not good most people will leave it and search for another online course. It’s better to choose a platform that helps you make a good design that is easy to understand and navigate through.

Built-in marketing: to make people know about your course you need to market it, so if the platform has a built-in marketing feature, then you don’t have to worry about marketing at all.

Many content options: the online course doesn’t just include videos, actually it can include many forms of content like text, visuals, etc. the variety of content helps the learner to understand better and have a better learning experience. Add whatever type of content you think it will help your audience.

Flexibility: how do you want to release your course? Do you want to release all the courses at the same time or do you want to divide it into parts or lessons?

3-Select the topic of the online course

You should have a clear plan of how your course will go. Put a full plan and make it clear for the customers, because why would I enroll in a course that doesn’t have a clear plan. The audience wants to know what you have to offer and how will you deliver the knowledge you have to them.  

Think of how to make your course better than your competitors? What do you have to offer to the audience? And how will it benefit them?

This step is really important, you should choose a topic that reflects the content of the online course.

4- Look at Top-Performing Content

To collect the data and to know the topics that attract the people. You can use data and measurement tools like Google Analytics. Those tools can help you know what topic brings more traffic and how people find the content. This will help you make better content for your online course.

To have a better idea look at your competitors, make your own list of long-tail keywords that are relevant to your content, then conduct full research to see who your competitors are. See which content has a higher rank and use this information to improve your content.

 5-Choose the type of content that is suitable to deliver your course materials

The type of content is vital when creating your online course, decide what is the best way to deliver the information to the learner. Is it through videos, text, images, etc. You can also make a combination. Here are some options that you can use:

  •       Share text-based content that instructs your students on a particular subject.
  •       Create a video or image tutorial so students can see how you perform each step.
  •       Record a podcast so you can speak directly to your students.
  •       Host a live webinar so students can ask you questions on the fly.

 6-start creating the content of the course

Now it’s the time to start making your course, and here are some ways to make it easier for you.

Recycle old content: what we mean by that is to see the content of one of the courses you found when you were Looking at Top-Performing Content, and use it to make your course. Add new material and information to make it better for the learner.

Outline the content: make a list of the points you want to discuss in your course or the questions you want to answer. This will help you to create your course faster.

Divide your course: the best way to make an online course is by dividing it into lessons this will make it easier for the learner to understand before they go to the next lesson.

7- Set your Online Course Rate.

8-Marketing your course

To bring people’s awareness of your course you have to market it. You must put your efforts in this step to have higher revenue in return.

To do so you must know your audience, how do they spend their time online? What social media networks do they prefer? And, how old are they? When you know the answer, you will be able to use the best marketing strategy to reach them.

How much can you make selling online courses?

There is no limit to how much you will gain; you might gain from $500 to $50,000 or even more. To know how much, you will make you must know the size of your audience, how will you convince them to buy your online course? and the price of your course.  

How much does it cost to build an online course website?

The answer depends on the course builder you choose. It can cost you around $200 to $10,000 to create your online course. All these expenses depend on the equipment and software you work with or if you hire someone to create the course for you. But if you’re creating the online course on your own then there will be very few expenses involved.

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