Studio Arabiya Institute

Studio Arabiya Institute

Studying the Arabic language Abroad program, we commit to helping students who are eager to learn Arabic in Egypt. Our academic program offers Quran and Islamic Studies as well.

There is no other way more efficient and fast to learn the Arabic language than through direct experience. Our program will immerse you directly in the Islamic and Arab culture and lifestyle. Students like you, who packed up everything and moved to Egypt, founded our Studying Arabic language  Abroad program. We were on a journey of searching for knowledge of Arabic and the deen.

It wasn’t easy! We’ve experienced many obstacles over the years. When we moved to Egypt, there were many things we needed to manage, aside from studying. And putting them all in order was time and energy-consuming. First, we had to look for a flat without speaking Arabic. This was rather difficult, and at times we felt stranded in an unknown place with nobody to help us. There was also some additional money and time that we spent trying to make a ‘home’ during our stay, and much more.

The struggles we felt when moving into a new country motivated us to create a Studying Arabic language Abroad program. We wanted to take the entire burden off the student’s shoulders. Our objective is to take care of everything for you so that you can experience a smoother transition into a new world. This will let you concentrate on your Arabic education solely. Adapting to a new culture and being away from home will never be easy, but our process will definitely give you all you need to integrate faster and start learning.

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