All Classroom Styles

Manaarah provides multiple choices for your classroom styles.

We have a variety of classroom programs and choose one that fits your requirements.

There are multiple classroom styles for the particular learning programs, Every style has its uniqueness and importance for desired learning outcomes.

Manaarah provides multiple classroom styles for your training and learning programs.

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  • Tiered TIER Classrooms

    • In a tiered classroom, chairs and tables are fixed in one place.
  • Active Learning Style (ALS) Classrooms.

    • ALS classrooms have advanced rooms with moveable furniture for moving from one point to another. They have Versatile Learning Spaces in addition to other active learning programs
  • Versatile Learning Space (VLC)

    • In this type of learning style, there are high tech rooms with tables and chairs that cluster learnings in groups around the technology.

Some of the classrooms styles we offer are listed as follows:

  • Traditional Lecture (LEC):

    • In this arrangement of classrooms, tables or chairs are arranged in rows. Furniture can be moveable or fixed depending upon the pedagogical instructions.
  • Breakout (BRK) Style Classrooms

    • In this type of classroom setup, seating is in rows but with moveable chairs and/tables for the occasional need of break-outs. These rooms may also be called traditional lectures.
  • Discussion (DISC) or Seminar (SIM) Style Classrooms

    • Discussion or seminar-style classroom is always in a circular form. Chairs are placed around the seminar table.

Why Manaarah for Digital Learning Platform?

Manaarah facilitates in all of these classrooms style.

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Our trained professionals with years of experience in these classrooms style can develop highly interactive advanced classrooms for your company, institution.