Learning Management System

Manaarah’s digital learning platform offers you a highly advanced LMS with multiple functions for your schools and businesses.

Easy to use, real-time cloud storage, and many more advanced features.

A learning management system (LMS) is a computerized operating system used by a training organization, school, colleges, and corporate sectors to track and monitor activity during the training.

Learners have access to the formal, informal, and collaborative learning content from the LMS.

Effective Web Development Solutions
Effective Web Development Solutions

Our learning management system has the edge over the dozens of other LMS due to its advanced functionality at a moderate price.

Manaarah’s LMS system provides you a chance to upload your existing training content including videos, images, presentations, and docs files to make your personalized online learning system. In Manaarah’s LMS system, you can add quizzes, and surveys to courses to assess learners and make it and make it an engaging and interactive experience.

You can upload your existing training content including images, videos, presentations, and docs on Manaarah’s LMS to make your own online learning system. Add quizzes and surveys to courses using LMS software to assess learners and make it an engaging experience.

Our LMS system provides you with the latest technological features and makes your learning programs easy to manage and assess. You can check the activity of your learner in real-time.

Either you are a businessman, employee, or school student you can track every activity and get an instant report.

Get the service of our LMS and get the advanced features unlocked.