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Challenge-based learning (CBL) is similar to problem-based learning, but with CBL, students formulate the challenges they will address.

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What is Challenge Based Learning (CBL) ?

It is a pedagogical method that engages students in a situation that is real, relevant, and related to their surrounding environment, which involves defining a challenge and implementing a solution accordingly.

Challenge-based learning (CBL) offers many possible benefits from establishing new teaching and learning practices that are aligned with work-life environments and increasing employability for students.

Authentic learning experience allows students to investigate and find new ideas, discuss, and significantly construct concepts and relationships in contexts that involve real-life challenges and projects that are relevant to the learner environment.

Our Classroom Solutions provide an interactive and challenging atmosphere to the learners.

We have designed our challenged based learning model to enhance the cognitive level of the learners and make them able to face real-world problems.

We provide classroom solutions in which students through discussion and research, identify a selection of questions that might be workable for their project, work on solutions, and publish those solutions online.

In this way, Manaarah’s CBL provides the satisfaction of figuring out both the issue to be tackled and the answer to it, even though CBL requires a more solemn time commitment than more traditional academic activities.

Manaarah’s Challenged based learning.

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Challenged based learning is being highly admired by the most demanding professions because it develops the strength of learners to analyze and solve problems.

Our professional teams have developed classroom solutions to meet the standards of the challenging professions.

At Manaarah, Students gain meaningful skills through these projects, including sharing work, collaborating, organizing, and expressing themselves more effectively.