Interactive Multimedia Rich Content

What is "Interactive Multimedia Rich Content" ?

It is a voltaic system that allows the person to have access to multiple media content like graphics, videos, animations, etc.

It is used to store and deliver an immense amount of content. For example, The user can select any video and show it to the audience through any website or an electronic device.

Why is it becoming mandatory?

In the present information age, interactive multimedia has the aptitude to create exceptional engaging content for learners.

As it includes visuals and animations that help the audience to understand more efficiently without losing interest.

It is scalable so that the user can select a topic of interest and skip what they don't like.

In 1986, Bosco did a case study for 75 learning methods and revealed that interactive multimedia has faster and better results of learning than other ways of studies. Najjar also found the same results in 1996.

Manaarah's Interactive Multimedia Content

Manaarah is offering you the best and latest multimedia courses for your institution.

These are designed in such a way that you would get multiple types of appealing content.

Manaarah's courses are sketched out by our experts to provide entertainment along with theoretical studies for students to enjoy learning instead of feeling pressure to study.

Below are some attributes of Manaarah's Multimedia Content:

  • Contain multiple pictures, audio, videos, and text to make it more interesting and easy to learn.
  • Have numerous animations and illustrations to develop the audience's interest and to make the knowledge practicable.
  • Available in many forms like DVDs, for playing it in computer, projector and other multimedia devices
  • Can be designed according to your interest and preferences.