Instructor-led Training

Instructor-Led Training (ILT) sometimes called classroom training is the traditional way of learning. This is the instruction medium on which the majority of people trust and rely to gain the maximum knowledge from a learning program.

ILT is here to Continue

About 90% of companies still trust instructor-led training due to its effectiveness for learner comprehension A research carried out by Training Industry, Inc. found that ILT is not only a mainstay of corporate training and educational training, but organizations are developing the effectiveness of it and augmenting it with learning technology, such as integrated media, coaching, and eLearning.

Is ILT on the decline?

About 90% of companies and educational institutions say that it is the source of their educational and corporate learning development.


Cost-effective Training Experts

We have a highly experienced training team that is ready to provide you with expertise and scalability to instructor-led training (ILT) at your comfort.  Manaarah has hundreds of instructors, facilitators, and coaches who have the impressive experience to give you certified, technical, or soft skills training.

Our ready to go, worldwide team of training professionals is ready to give you the expertise and scalability to deliver instructor-led training (ILT)—when and where you need it. We have hundreds of instructors, facilitators, and coaches who have the experience to provide certified, technical, or soft skills training across the globe.

Why ILT with Manaarah?

Manaarah is one of the leading instructor-led Training providers in the US.

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