Instructional Design

An Instructional Design is an organized technique to create an effective, successful, and memorable learning experience for the students.

The best Instructional Designers take time to know who their learners are and what skills or expertise they should develop to get the anticipated attitude and productivity gaps. Then they decide the perfect mix of learning models like digital learning, micro-learning, job supports, and performance designers to help transfer their expertise to their job.

Basics of effective and successful Instructional Design

Simple Navigation:

We use both the UX design and its copy to achieve the objectives and expectations of every part of the learning and training clearly for the learners so that they can better emphasize getting the learning experiences.

Appealing & Contextual Content:

Learning becomes successful when there is a strong link to how they can implement it in the career. This means we attempt to bring as much of the working environment and the real-life matters that learners experience while on training.

Productivity and Performance Support Tools:

Training is only effective if learners implement their experiences in their practical life.

This is attained by adding job supports, performance developers, and reminders for them to take to their managers.

Emphasized Activities:

Including activities like micro-learning, shared videos, and gamification are some of the targeted options. We note the learner’s enthusiasm, understanding, and the learner’s motivation, knowledge, and proficiency develops the best student learning experience that will give the best influence while valuing the learner’s time.

Why choose Instructional Designers of Manaarah-Education Development?

The team of high-quality instructional designers at Manaarah-Education Development will work together with you to develop a learning solution that will have a genuine influence on your customers and your business. As you are the expert in your content, our Instructional Designers can convert your data into a shared and stimulating setup, enabling improved maintenance and on-site information request.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

Our instructional design services can give value to your training initiatives by providing focused knowledge, advanced instructional design, and training in project management. Our instructional design specialists develop courses through a range of learning models consisting of:

  • Classroom-Based Training (ILT)
  • Performance Support
  • Mobile-Based Training
  • Online Classroom/ Virtual Instructor-Led Training (vILT)
  • Web-Based Training (WBT)