Rapid Learning

Manaarah’s rapid learning initiative brings up a new way of learning new skills.

We adopt the latest technological tools to carry out training and courses so that learners can get it instantly.

Course material development can be a prolonged method, including various phases and need contribution from numerous ways.

With Rapid Learning, you can create a premium quality of training content in a few clicks, ensuring timely feedback to your employee’s training requirements.

Rapid Learning is a perfect solution for large and small-scale organizations who want to create their organizational training or knowledge in the form of continuous learning.

There’s no need for an instructional design team, cost of labor is considerably reduced. That enhances the company’s training and improves its financials.

Another advantage of Rapid Learning is the facility to develop training resources quicker. This enables you to respond to only training requirements in real-time and ensure that your employee’s training is always ready to adjust to fluctuations in the market or your organizational structure.

Effective Digital Consultancy Strategy

Manaarah meets the needs of skilled training with its service of Rapid Learning.

While old and traditional training can take several months to complete, Rapid Learning has an ordinary course of approximately three weeks.

As part of Manaraah’s learning platform, our Rapid Learning solutions allow businesses to develop engaging training content in only a few steps.

We provide a variety of Rapid Learning solutions for you.

One of the Rapid learning characteristics is where you can quickly convert PowerPoint presentations into training sources by incorporating video or audio commentary and publishing it virtually as a form of distance learning content.

Our Rapid Learning tools change your current documents into shared, interactive training materials, ensuring maximum productivity irrespective of time restraints.

At Manaraah, we know that your training and education have to be successful, efficient, and responsive to meet the current business requirements.

To help you escalate with these issues, we have created Rapid Learning, which allows you to develop, organize and publish engaging content in the form of combined, compatible, and integrated Rapid Learning.