Self-paced Training Courses


Our self-paced learning courses are highly flexible and useful for the learners interested in getting the lesson done without the help of regular instructions from the tutor.

Self-paced online training (CBT/WBT) courses are different from traditional online courses in many ways.

In self-paced courses, the learner is independent while studying course material; no specific number of hours is required to register.

In this way, self-paced courses are highly flexible and less costly than other courses.

Self-paced courses are highly preferable for those who have a busy schedule in their study and jobs. This course provides a lot of flexibility and relaxation. The learner is entirely independent in choosing his hours and timing to study as well as a device on which he wants to stud the course.

We have designed these courses that you can access on any device at any time. Our courses are affordable for everyone. Manaarah’s self-paced courses are the success for the businesses, school, and independent learners who availed and learned new skills.

If you are hesitant to select which course from the self-paced training you should opt for, then don’t worry; our consultants and trainers are ready to guide you in this regard. We are a team of highly skilled professionals, and we have dedicated our services to help you out in your learnings. Our team is available our time in every stage of your education.

Our goal is to impart new skills and knowledge and empower you for the world’s new challenges.

In addition to this service of self-paced learning, Manaarah provides many other services to facilitate the learner to get new skills. We are a solution to all online learning resources for your training in either corporate sector employee training or educational and home tutoring needs.

Manaarah is providing online training for many years in many countries.