Schools Solutions

Manaarah provides school solutions at your fingertips. From course development to LMS, we have every solution for the efficient running of your school.

School education is most critical in terms of learning perspective, and it has been continuously in a transformation to adopt the most advanced learning methods.

Nowadays, a school needs experienced trainers, an advanced curriculum, on-campus extracurricular activities, high-tech software for record-keeping, and many other tools.

Manaarah has all school solutions at competitive prices.

We are the leading consultancy and educational development agency in the USA.

Our decades of experience and dozens of customers are the glaring poofs.

Why choose Manaarah for business solutions ?

Our services for the schools consist of all of the required tools and assistance you need. Some of them are discussed below:
  • Learning Management System (LMS): a cloud-based learning system at a relatively low price to manage all records in and out of campus.
  • Student Information System (SIS): in-campus record-keeping of students with multiple features.
  • School Management System (SMS): grades of students, marks, admission, and every management function.
  • Curriculum Development: Manaarah can develop a curriculum and design extracurricular activities for your school.
  • Build Your Own Course: you can custom build your course with our tools and experts.
  • All Classroom Styles: we have a range of classroom styles to keep your learnings easy and comprehensive.

These are the school services we are proud of.

If you need any assistance or any other school solutions feel free to contact us.