Do Students Learn Better Online Or In A Classroom? | Manaarah

  • September 2, 2021
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Do Students Learn Better Online Or In A Classroom?| Manaarah

All educational approach this new paradigm with varying degrees of excitement. Are you optimistic or pessimistic about online classrooms? Are you curious about how delivering courses online may improve your teaching? or are you curious about what you will face as you prepare and deliver your lessons online?

Manaarha in this article addresses the issue while comparing which scenario is better for your students. Continue reading to know more.

How Does Online Learning Affect The Students?

Online Learning

Online Learning

The COVID-19 has resulted in school closures all across the world. More than 1.2 billion children are now affected by school cancellations due to the pandemic in 186 countries globally.
As a result, education has undergone significant change, with the noticeable rise of e-learning.
According to research, online learning has been found to enhance information retention and take less time.
This implied that the changes induced by the pandemic are here to stay.
The shift to online learning was rapid and unplanned. This made others believe that will result in a poor student experience that is unsuitable for long-term growth.
Nonetheless, others believe that the new hybrid model of education will arise, with significant advantages.
When professors were asked about the experience, they said it has changed the way of teaching and learning.
It enables them to reach out to students more efficiently and effectively through chat groups, video meetings, voting, and also document sharing.

When high school students were asked about the experience, they said they find it is easier to communicate online.

It gives them the flexibility of learning during the school year while having the ability to instantly communicate with their instructor whenever.

Some students said that online learning caused them to be less attentive to the classes.

However, they wouldn’t give online learning up for classroom problems and solutions again.

The best option, according to them, is having a hybrid model of learning.

Benefits of Classroom Learning VS. Online Learning

As COVID-19 transformed the globe and the educational scene, remote education and online learning expanded out of need.
This raised concerns about the benefits each one of them provides for students.
Let us contrast online learning vs classroom learning during COVID-19 in different terms.
This enables us to clearly understand their advantages and how one can outperform the other.

1- In terms of material availability

Online courses allow students to access learning materials such as content, assignments, and lecture materials at any time during their study. Tutors are always available to answer questions about the graduate courses module via emails, texts, and Skype.

Classroom Learning requires students to visit a physical place to interact with tutors faces to face.
It happens during specified hours, whether for school or university courses.
This may be constricting, particularly for working professionals.

2- In terms of human interaction

Classroom learning includes real interactions with an instructor and classmates,
whereas online learning moves this component to a virtual setting. So, while there is a human connection,
it occurs online in the form of virtual lectures and virtual debates.
It depends on the students and teacher to decide which is better for them. Some people prefer less human interaction.

Teachers may think it’s easier in terms of classroom management.

Other people can’t learn without having human interaction in the common classroom setting.

3- In terms of an external source access

An online class can easily incorporate notable guest experts or students from different schools.

This cannot happen in a classroom context.

Furthermore, today’s students have access to information and materials that can be found anywhere in the world.
An instructor can create an online resource section containing connections to academic papers, institutions,
and other resources related to the course topic.
Students can use it for research, extension, or in-depth study of course content.

4- In terms of dialogue during the class

Before replying or moving on to the next item in an online asynchronous discussion framework, the learner may reflect on the remarks of others. This one can be a little difficult in crowded classroom settings.
This structure gives students more time to express responses with much more detail and careful planning than in a traditional situation.
In a traditional setting, the participant must analyze another participant’s comment on the spot and formulate a response.
This or they’ll lose the opportunity to contribute to the discussion.

What Are The Disadvantages of Online Learning?

While online learning has many advantages and provides unparalleled access to excellent education, there are certain disadvantages to using this medium. These disadvantages might jeopardize the success of any online school.

1- Access

Students must be able to access the online learning environment before any online course can expect to thrive. Lack of access,
whether for financial or logistical reasons, will prevent otherwise qualified students from enrolling in the course.
This is a serious problem in rural areas.

2- Minimum computer literacy

In order to work well in an online setting, both students and instructors must have a basic understanding of computers.

They must be able to use a number of search engines and navigate the World Wide Web.

They will not succeed in an online school if they do not have these technological capabilities. A student or staff member who cannot operate on the system will bring the entire program down.

3- The students’ motivations

asynchronous online education is great in giving the students some sense of control over their learning experience.

It also allows exceptional students to have more flexibility with their study schedules. Nevertheless, this lays a higher burden on the student.
To keep up with the speed of the course and effectively engage in an online program, they need special qualities. Students must be highly organized, motivated, and possess a high level of time management skills.

4- Lack of body language

If the students chose not to display their cameras, the instructors won’t be able to evaluate their body language and facial expressions.

It helps them determine whether or not students understand what they’re saying.

5- The teachers’ qualities

On-the-ground education in a high school classroom does not necessarily transfer to successful online training.

The effectiveness of the online course would be jeopardized if instructors are not properly educated in online delivery and methods.
A teacher must be able to communicate effectively in writing and in the language of instruction.
If the instructors of an online program are not sufficiently trained to perform in the Virtual Classroom, the program will suffer.
An online teacher must be able to compensate for a loss of physical presence by providing a supportive environment in the Virtual Classroom. A presence in which all students feel comfortable engaging and, more importantly, where students know their instructor is reachable.
Failure to do so may cause the class to become distant from one another as well as from the instructor.

*  The curriculum 

To be effective, the curriculum of any online course must be carefully prepared. In the rush with which an institution develops remote education programs, the value of curriculum and the necessity for skilled experts to design it is ignored.

Curriculum and teaching methodologies that work well in traditional instruction may not necessarily work well in an online program.

This is because how learning and instructional frameworks are completely different.

Are you looking for a way you can prepare for digital classroom scenarios and solutions? Manaarah has your back with exceptional digital classroom solutions that can benefit your educational institution. Get in touch and let us help you with better classroom pictures than you have in mind!

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