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Instructional Design

Tips To Start Building The Instructional Design You Always Wanted

In a range of situations, from private companies to healthcare institutions to the military, instructional designers develop instructional and performance solutions. However, in…
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Distance Learning Solutions For Online

Distance Learning Solutions For Online Platforms During COVID-19

Teaching Consultants are meant to examine and analyze the current process, Distance Learning Solutions For Online Platforms During COVID-19and advise on how to…
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flipped classroom

What is the flipped classroom approach? | Manaarah

Flipped classroom started in 2007; both Jonathan Bergman and Aaron Sams invented the model, as they both started recording their classes so that…
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Mobile Learning

how to use Mobile Learning To Support Learning In The Flow Of Work

One of the best and most effective methods in learning is mobile learning. A great method to deliver the content to the workforce…
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virtual training

How to engage modern learners in a virtual training session

Technology keeps evolving, and now there is what is known as virtual session training, students don’t have to go to a training center…
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Soft Skill Development

Soft Skill Development | Manaarah

Soft skills is a very common word in any business or education conversation. Soft Skill Development Everyone wants to learn them, teach them…
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Blended Learning Advantages

What Are The Advantages of Blended Learning? Blended Learning Benefits

What Are The Advantages Of Blended Learning? Blended Learning is the practice of using both online and in-person learning experiences when teaching students.…
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Why Should You Incorporate Microlearning into Your Curriculum?

Bite sized courses have been there for a long period of time, even before computers were invented. However, the popularity of brief bursts…
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Virtual Instructor-Led Training

What Is Virtual Instructor-Led Training? | Manaarah

What Is Virtual Instructor-Led Training? Virtual instructor-led training (VILT) refers to training that is delivered in a virtual or simulated environment, or when…
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Instructional Materials

What Instructional Materials Are Best In An Online Class?

Any educational system needs to use instructional materials in a range of situations. Whether you teach in a traditional classroom setting, blended, or…
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