How to engage modern learners in a virtual training session

  • February 17, 2022
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Technology keeps evolving, and now there is what is known as virtual session training, students don’t have to go to a training center or a course center, they can easily take the training virtually.  

However, virtual training might be a little bit challenging; it’s not easy to keep modern learners active, they are easily distracted. So the trainer’s role here is to find the right visual training strategies to use to engage and in order to find the best way for educating modern learners and empowering modern learners with the knowledge they need.

Even though modern learners are eager to learn there are many distractions around them that will easily take them out of the lecture.

So that you don’t lose your students’ attention, it might be useful for you to know the background culture of your students and their professions. This will help you find the best plan to use, and here are some questions that you could ask yourself.  

  •         What do you want to deliver to the learners? What is the goal of the workshop?
  •         How will your workshop benefit your learners?

What is the right teaching style that will suit them the most? And, what are the characteristics of modern learners?

When you know the answer to these questions you will know how to engage the learners with your virtual training session.

In this article, we will tell you the best methods to use in your virtual training lessons in order to keep the learners engaged.

virtual training

virtual training

What are the student engagement strategies? And, what are examples of student engagement?

How do I make my training session more interactive through encouraging Interaction?

To keep learners engaged in your session you need to make them interact with you, encourage interaction.

For example, at the beginning of the training ask the learners to introduce themselves, then divide them into groups.

Grouping them together will help them know each other better, and that is the first step in making them interact during the session.

If they know each other they won’t have any problem interacting with you.

Some learners have issues in talking in front of someone that they don’t know, grouping them with other learners will solve this problem.

How do you deal with modern learners by giving them real examples that are relevant to the topic?

Today learners are open to the world and are aware of everything new that happens around them. When you use real-life examples you will make them engage with you better.

Letting them try to solve the problem will help them to think and find solutions that will increase their experience. It will also help them gain more skills that will be helpful for them in the future.

Solving real-life problems will teach them to always solve the matter on their own and enhance their problem-solving abilities instead of waiting for someone to tell them the answer.


How do you engage learners in virtual training via encouraging collaboration during your virtual training sessions?

Let your students collaborate with each other. Give them a group task and let them solve it together. They will start to do group discussions, talk to each other and come up with the best solution and also build their teamwork skills.

Also, make them roleplay or interview their partner.

Virtual training gives you many advantages that will make your session attractive and gain the learner’s attention.   

How do you engage your learners by Making a participant’s checklist?

Before the virtual training starts you need to make them sign on an instructions checklist so that nothing from the outer world distracts them during the sessions.

Doing so will keep them away from any distractions or interruptions; in return, they will have the successful learning they need.

Before They sign up, inform them about the instructions of the workshop via an easy checklist to understand.

Here is an example of a checklist that you could use:

  •         Find a quiet place for the virtual session where there is no external sound.
  •         Ensure your devices are on “do not disturb” mode.
  •         Ensure you have a strong internet connection throughout the session.
  •         Test your connection in advance before logging in.
  •         Disable any other notifications for the duration of the session.
  •         Use a hands-free headset so you can type notes.

How do you keep students engaged in distance learning using Visuals in your virtual training sessions?

Do not make your lecture with just words, use images, videos, or even audio, give them something to watch to increase their attention and to give them a break from the information you are delivering to them.

However, the visuals you use should be relevant to what you are explaining, don’t go and put a video of Tom and Jerry in the middle of your session.

That doesn’t mean that you neglect the overall design and formatting of your workshop. Make sure to make the right design and use visuals that will not distract them from learning. Using the right visuals like videos, graphics, and audio.

How do you motivate students virtually through the use of visual and voice chat functions?

Today’s generations love to use messages; they use texting instead of making face-to-face conversations. You might think that it is not a great tool to use or that it is not an effective method but it is actually the opposite.

Messaging is a powerful tool to use especially in virtual training sessions. Using a voice and video chat helps both learners and the trainer to bond and build strong connections.

Different forms of chats let the learners engage more via sharing files, modern learner’s podcasts, sharing screens, and so on. And will also give them the feeling that they are being heard and seen even though they are in a remote location.

Additionally, those methods are powerful tools that help to learn modern learners learn more efficiently. And also build strong connections and help in acquiring more information and knowledge.

How do you keep students attention in a virtual classroom by removing any distractions in the visual training session?

You can’t eliminate and control all the distractions surrounding your students, as they are logging from a remote location.

However, you can eliminate any distractions surrounding you, that will distract them, keep your phone on silent mode, and don’t let anyone disturb you during the lecture. Make sure that any distractions that are under your control are eliminated.

What do modern learners want?

What modern learners want from the virtual training include the following:

  •         They want to gain the knowledge that they were told they will have from the training.
  •         Feel that they are being heard and seen.
  •         Being included in the session.
  •         Having someone that will listen to their questions and answer them.

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