Manaarah LMS

Manaarah LMSs is a premier learning management system to suit your needs.  It empowers your school or organization to provide online classes or training and an overall engaging educational experience.

Provide engaging and easy-to-access classes for your learners through Manaarah LMS.  Manaarah LMS offers a variety of learning styles, such as tutoring, group classes, on-demand courses, and in-person learning. With a wide range of features, such as Course Builder & Pre-Made Courses, Practice Center, Activity Center, Report Cards and Transcripts, Certificates, Course Management, Student Management, and More, your school or organization will be able to provide the best education with ease.

School Administration

With all of your students and teachers in one place, Manaarah LMS makes it easy for you to manage all of your users in one place. Record all of their information, take notes, upload user-specific documents for reference, and more from your school administrator account.

Course Builder & Pre-Made Courses

Our Course Builder feature allows you to build your own courses with levels, units and lessons structure, exams and assignments, course resources, and more.  Pre-Made Courses by Manaarah LMSs are also available for importing into your personal portal.

Learner Access & Engagement

Your learners get their own personal account, can customize their settings and can access all of their courses easily in one place.  Engaging your learners is easy with Manaarah LMSs. 

Teacher Accounts

Your teachers can each have their own accounts, where they can manage their classes, move the class through the course structure, grade and view assignments and exams, have open discussions with students and more.

Ongoing performance strategy

Our team makes the courses that are easy to learn and are applicable.

Projects optimizing behavior

The content of our courses is more related to real-life examples rather than fiction which makes the knowledge practicable.

We design creative exercises and different activities for students. In this way not only excellent but an average student would also get clear concepts. The teacher will also get online workshops or instructions through other ways for teaching our course properly.


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